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This is a question Office Christmas Parties II

It's 10 years since we last asked for your office party woes. Help us celebrate by telling us of your most embarrassing office party moments.

(, Fri 19 Dec 2014, 16:55)
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But when faced with the statement "And you wonder why people think you're gay!", as I frequently am, my response is simple. I don't wonder that at all, I know exactly why people think I'm gay. They're wrong, but I completely understand their point of view.
(, Mon 22 Dec 2014, 16:32, 3 replies)
Sokay, Some people think I'm straight.

(, Mon 22 Dec 2014, 17:30, closed)
Why don't you just go gay?
You might at least get some sex.
(, Mon 22 Dec 2014, 21:00, closed)
See I was trying to be subtle but you got the hots for him obvs.

(, Mon 22 Dec 2014, 21:10, closed)
I think
you could use some life coaching from George!
(, Mon 22 Dec 2014, 23:29, closed)

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