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This is a question Claims to Fame

Rob writes, "My photoshop claim to fame: the way the crop tool greys out the rest of the image? That was my idea. I sent it to the Abobe features request thing back in ooh probably about 1998. (After spending a frustrating day cropping images for a dull
website, and wishing the tool worked better.)"

What crappy claims to fame can you make?

(, Thu 24 Feb 2005, 12:49)
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Toilet Duck
OK - I'm a geek, and worse than that, I'm a geek with "normal and simple" logic. Johnson & Johnson's Pot Pourri Toilet Duck had a different barcode colour after 1996 when I worked out that shining a red laser onto a pink barcode (really a shade of red) that is placed on a white piece of card (making the card red as well when the laser went across it) meant the barcode was invisible and multiplying 360 UK Safeway stores x an average of 16 lanes per store (5760 lanes) x 3 toilet duck blocks per day per lane (17280 blocks per day) x 7 days per week = 120960 blocks per week, times 60 seconds of not being able to scan it (and re-trying, typing it in, etc) = 7257600 seconds per week = 2016 hrs per week nationwide x £4.50 per hour = £9072/week.

Last time I came home to the UK (2003), the pot pourri version was still printed with the barcode in black, even though everything else was pink on the back of the packaging.


(, Wed 2 Mar 2005, 4:29, Reply)

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