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This is a question Shit Claims to Fame II

My car was in the Specsavers advert with the old lady and the loud stereo. Not me. My stupid blue Nissan Micra. Tell us about your brushes with fame.

Suggested by Amorous Badger

(, Thu 20 Sep 2012, 15:49)
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The other day I stumbled across an old man who was sat in the street practicing the religion of Shia Islam. As I tripped over him he got angry, pulled out his dentures, joined them together with metal links, and prepared to throw them at me!

It was a Shi-ite chain tooth aim.

and I'm spent.
(, Wed 26 Sep 2012, 11:35, 6 replies)
*starts getting stabby and planning to burn the British embassy*
(, Wed 26 Sep 2012, 11:36, closed)
Wasn't he the one from Return of the Jedi who bore more than a passing resemblance to Gail Tilsley from Coronation Street?

(, Wed 26 Sep 2012, 11:38, closed)
I had never seen her before, and really wish I hadn't!

Seriously, she looks like some cruel parody, a case study in why first cousins shouldn't be allowed to marry!
(, Wed 26 Sep 2012, 11:57, closed)
That's an old photo of her too...

Imagine how she looks now with added wrinkles!
(, Wed 26 Sep 2012, 12:12, closed)
Actually, now I come to think of it...

She seems to resemble ET more than the Admiral...?
(, Wed 26 Sep 2012, 12:15, closed)
Its definitely ET in a bad wig
(, Wed 26 Sep 2012, 14:47, closed)

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