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This is a question Spoooky Coincidence

B3ta's very own Fraser was once a cycle courier. On one job out to docklands his radio gave out, so he had to find a public phonebox to ring back to base.

He'd just located one when it began to ring. Picking it up, it was (obviously) a wrong number, but Fraser recognised the voice. Turned out it was a mate of his he hadn't seen for ages.

What spoooky* coincidences have you encountered?

* spoooky should always have three o's. 100% fact

(, Thu 8 Feb 2007, 14:07)
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We broke Montreal
Staying in a borrowed flat in Montreal owned by some young, rich banker who ate out all the time.
His cupboards only had cereal, his fridge held only champagne, milk and some Philidelphia cheese that had gone off months, if not years, beforehand. It was solid green.

Anyway, we've got pizza from the supermarket. Turn on the oven, and all the lights go out.
Maybe his oven has never been used and it's all wired up wrongly?
We've broken his hugely expensive penthouse flat.

Look out the window, and half the city is dark.

FUUUUUCK! We've broken the city in the name of pizza.

(It eventually turned out a discontented power worker had literally thrown a spanner into the works, taking out most of the city's power.
But for the longest time, we thought we'd plunged Montreal into darkness by turning on an oven.)
(, Thu 8 Feb 2007, 15:03, Reply)

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