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This is a question Spoooky Coincidence

B3ta's very own Fraser was once a cycle courier. On one job out to docklands his radio gave out, so he had to find a public phonebox to ring back to base.

He'd just located one when it began to ring. Picking it up, it was (obviously) a wrong number, but Fraser recognised the voice. Turned out it was a mate of his he hadn't seen for ages.

What spoooky* coincidences have you encountered?

* spoooky should always have three o's. 100% fact

(, Thu 8 Feb 2007, 14:07)
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I was working on a beach in greece and two girls walk up to me
I'm familiar to both of them, one of them is the amazingly beautiful Hannah Hinxman, the girl I adored on the bus to and from school

the other is a northern girl that worked in the bar next to the one I worked in a few years before in italy

They'd met in england and decided to go on holiday together

where they both bumped into me, who knew both of them

(, Thu 8 Feb 2007, 15:41, Reply)
On Bondai Beach, Christmas Day...
...my friend got chatting to another Brit. He asked where she was from; "Reading".
"Oh yes?" he replied "me too!"

It transpired that she wasn't just from his home town, but had lived next door to him for 9 years when they were children, but had never bumped into him before this point.

Which seems extraordinary until you consider the number of 22 year olds that take a gap year, the fact that they tend to be students, that students often come from the posher areas, the number of backpackers that include Australia in their itineray, the number of those that aim to be in Sydney over Christmas, and the fact that they all go to Bondai beach on Christmas day. You'd have to be some kind of loser NOT to meet somone you know.

At a Had Rin full moon party I tripped over so many gurning Surrey faux-hippies I knew from my sixth form college it was embarassing.
(, Thu 8 Feb 2007, 15:39, Reply)
This was spooky...
During the Irish potato famine I decided to do my bit to help. I travelled to Holland to take advantage of their problem with rabbits. The plan was to shoot a whole fuck load of rabbits and send them back to the starving mick. I thought I would be the only person to come up with the idea, but imagine my surprise when, upon boarding the Amsterdam zeppelin, there was a whole crowd of people all stood around dressed in the same red pac-a-mac, nylon grey trousers, clutching a gat gun and a book by Rudyard Kipling called "How to catch rabbits with a gat gun in Holland and post them back to the starving mick all on your own".
Needless to say, we all saw the funny side and didn't bother going because we all realised it was only the mick.
(, Thu 8 Feb 2007, 15:39, Reply)
Right then....
Try THIS for a coincidence...

About two weeks ago, I was asleep as per usual and I started to have this dream that John Lennon, Elvis, Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King were all dead.

Imagine my horror when, upon waking I went onto Google only to discover that they WERE ALL ACTUALLY DEAD!!!!

I've been terrified of having another dream since.
(, Thu 8 Feb 2007, 15:34, Reply)
Not quite a coincedence, but some of these reminded me...
I would like to talk to you about a phenomenon with which some of you are probably already familiar. A phenomenon called Glastonbury Spirit.

Glastonbury Spirit happens primarily at the Glastonbury Festival (no prizes for guessing that one) and is basically the same as karma.

Glasto 2005. Within around an hour of arriving my boyfriend, having taken precautions to avoid the ludicrous cash machine queues, had managed to lose all his cash. Walking around glumly looking for it, he saw a man and a woman, the woman on crutches and struggling with a huge rucksack. He stopped to help her, to her immense relief. Upon arriving back at the site, not only did he find his cash somewhere he had already checked several times to no avail, but the people he rescued decided to camp with our group and became (and still are) firm friends.

P.S. Don't forget to pre-register. Ah, Glastonbury. How I've missed it.
(, Thu 8 Feb 2007, 15:33, Reply)
Now this really is a spooky co-incidence.... oh and a joke at the end again!
Having settled into a very pleasant routine with the new girlfreind of staying at hers most nights and shagging, I do occassionally get the urge to have a night off back at my own place, mainly so I can surf incredibly rude pornagraphy and tug like a monkey for an evening... kinda like relieving a pervert pressure valve!

Anyways, this week I have managed to manoeuvre the situation so that I've got tonight off. Been looking forward ot it all week, nothing arranged, broadband set to speed 11, all clear!!!

And what should happen....only that one of my mates, who I haven't seen since he got married last year has asked me to help him out tonight by giving him a lift to drop his car off at the garage!

FFS!!!! How spooky a coincidence is that, you don't even talk to the guy for 3 months and then out of the blue he asks for help the one night you've set aside for a wank fest!

Bastard, I'll give him a lift but I'll make sure I have a damn good wank first!!!

And , seeing as it worked so well last time, here's another joke to persuade all you good folks to click "I like it" as you did last topic:

Q: Why are pirates so mean?
A: Because we haaaa-aaaarrrgggghhhhhhhhhh

Length and girth: who cares, I've only myself to worry about tonight!!!
(, Thu 8 Feb 2007, 15:31, Reply)
i was hoping to
get a Gaz from Rachelswipe and spoooooookily i did

coincidence or just pure luck
(, Thu 8 Feb 2007, 15:28, Reply)
Its a twister
I dreamt i was driving through Richmond Park in a car which was forced off the road by a Tornado and the next day, Kensal Rise got oblitorated. Very, wierd.
(, Thu 8 Feb 2007, 15:23, Reply)
A few months ago I dreamt I was running from a Tornado
The next day there was a Tornado in London
(, Thu 8 Feb 2007, 15:08, Reply)
Spoooky holiday
Met this really nice couple in week 2 of holiday. Went out a few times in the evenings for meals, booze etc. but every night I forgot to bring my camera, so never got a pic of them. We laughed about it saying I was never meant to have one. Funny though, when I got the photos back (God how old am I?) there was a shot of me getting off the plane on day one with this couple right behind me and we hadn't even met yet - spoooky!
(, Thu 8 Feb 2007, 15:07, Reply)
Di Di Di!
Creepy as fuck, this. It had me weary for quite some time.

One Saturday in August 1997, I was having a cheap night in due to the lack of cash, and sat in drinking with my folks. It was great craic, my folks are always good for a laugh.

It was getting late and in the background the TV was on, and for the umpteenth time we all groaned when the news gave way to show Princess Diana getting onto a boat with Dodi Fayed and generally going out of her way to pose for photographers while pretending to be offended. Typical! I'm sure you'll remember we were all sick of seeing her plastered unneccesarily over every newspaper and magazine.

But on this news report in particular they were commenting on speculation that Di could marry Dodi.

"Never," interrupted my inebriated mother. "She'll never get to marry him", she drunkenly slurred.

My mum's always been fairly sharp on certain matters of life and logic, so we usually recognise when she gets like this, and we turned our attention over to her completely to allow her to elaborate.

Seeing her suddenly serious demeanour, we fell silent and grew aware of the tense atmosphere in the previously jovial room.
"The Royal Family will never allow her to marry that guy," she said, suddenly sober. "Because they will never allow Arab blood into the Royal blood line. Never!"

The family all sat silent for a moment to think upon the truth my mum had just stumbled across so easily. It's easy to see that such a move would cause a headache for the monarchy. Christ, it would rock their foundations. But taking action against them getting married seems a little too petty to any normal person like you or I.

But my mum wasn't finished. "She's too popular. They're going to kill her. And they're going to do it out of sight."
You could cut the atmosphere in that silent room with a knife.

That's a bit harsh, I thought. At the most they'd just discredit her and do what they could to see that she lost leverage with the British press. But it would make a great film, I thought.

The issue was quickly forgotten about, given that we didn't fancy spending the night talking about someone who were were sick of hearing about in the first place. The evening continued as jovially as it had before. A few more drinks and I was ready to collapse. I crawled upstairs, poured myself into bed and conked out.

The next morning I was rudely awoken, having been visited by the beer monkey in the night. My hair: ruffled, my wallet: emptied, my eyes: poked, and my mouth: shat in.
My dad rushed in shouting "Have you seen the news? Diana's deed?"

"Get to fuck, you lying shit" I cursed. "Just cause we were talking about her last night.

"No, really!" he said, turning my TV on. "She's really dead"

Well, now there was a shock.

Every part of the previous night's conversation flooded back into my mind. Specifically what my mum said. "They're going to kill her . . . .And they're going to do it out of sight!"
The tunnel.

Conspicary theories aside she predicted that she would die . .. soon!

What creeps me out is that she predicted most of an event which seemed wildly crazy to us just hours before it happened. The other parts she mentioned were later heavily speculated in many courts, papers, books, and documentaries. But not until months afterwards. I mean, If she was right about Diana dying under cover of a tunnel, what else was she right about? She may have predicted the conspiracy theories before the event itself even happened. NOw that's spoooky.

She couldn't have known. She's not psychic.

Is she?

You decide.

And it's all true. Spoooooooooooky!

Incidentally, I'm selling a white Fiat Uno with a bit of a scrape down the side. Any takers?

Apologies for girth
(, Thu 8 Feb 2007, 15:07, Reply)
Spooky as...
A few months back I was seeing this lass from Sweden. She was a nice enough girl, but a tad too keen for me and she didn't get my somewhat idiosyncratic sense of humour so I decided to call quits, which she didn't take too well. Several months have passed without so much as a peep since.

Anyway, I was on the phone last night talking in general about Swedish girl when at that very moment my mob beeped. It was her... For the first time in months!

Spooky? I'm checking my flat for bugs.
(, Thu 8 Feb 2007, 15:05, Reply)
We broke Montreal
Staying in a borrowed flat in Montreal owned by some young, rich banker who ate out all the time.
His cupboards only had cereal, his fridge held only champagne, milk and some Philidelphia cheese that had gone off months, if not years, beforehand. It was solid green.

Anyway, we've got pizza from the supermarket. Turn on the oven, and all the lights go out.
Maybe his oven has never been used and it's all wired up wrongly?
We've broken his hugely expensive penthouse flat.

Look out the window, and half the city is dark.

FUUUUUCK! We've broken the city in the name of pizza.

(It eventually turned out a discontented power worker had literally thrown a spanner into the works, taking out most of the city's power.
But for the longest time, we thought we'd plunged Montreal into darkness by turning on an oven.)
(, Thu 8 Feb 2007, 15:03, Reply)
not sure if this is a spoooky coincidence, but it's fairly apt, so here goes.....
whilst surfing sometime last year at Putsborough in N. Devon, my girlfriend had lost her newly purchased surfing goggles (she has to wear contacts and this makes her eyes more sensitive to salt water), not being able to continue without them she got out and walked back to the car, combing the beach for the goggles.

Naturally I stayed in the surf with my mate and about an hour later got out and started to plod back along the beach.

my friend who we shall henceforward refer to as Tom (for 'twas his name) and I were discussing the loss of the goggles when I noticed something glinting on the beach about 100 metres away. As I raised my arm to point, Tom said "erm, Vipros" and pointed at the ground in front of me, where a dalmation had just dropped the goggles.

I was pretty amazed, and found this fairly spoooky. You may not.

It takes all sorts
(, Thu 8 Feb 2007, 15:01, Reply)
From a blog-entry of mine....
T'other week, when the rain was a'pourin' and the wind was a'blowin', I had a dream that one of my work-mates was going to leave. In fact, in this dream I was quite devastated by this news. When I woke up, I shrugged it off as a bad dream and didn't think anything of it.

This morning, the same guy announces he's leaving! How scary is that?! No shit, it's the truth.

It's not like i'm devastated he's leaving even. I mean, it's a shame, but a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do and all that.

Anyway, riding on this wave of physicness, I intend on playing and winning the national lottery either tomorrow or the next day. I'll let you know what the winning numbers were.


(, Thu 8 Feb 2007, 14:52, Reply)
International weirdness
While backpacking in South Africa some friends and I met another backpacker called Alison who was a good laugh.

A month later we flew to Australia and found a hostel in Sydney. First night we were there we were walking down the street and Alison walked out of a pub right in front of us... weird.

Then my mate who'd been with me in Africa and Australia got home and went to Glastonbury... and bumped into Alison.

I think she was stalking us... all be it over 12 months and 26,000 km...
(, Thu 8 Feb 2007, 14:42, Reply)
Let there be (no) light
I was teaching a group of students how to use conditional sentences (If I were rich, I would ... etc.) and going round the class to elicit answers. One guy began, "If the lights went off ...

... and the lights went off across the whole city block - just for a few seconds.

"QUICK!" I said, "Say 'If Frankspencer wins a million in the lottery ..."

He didn't. And didn't.
(, Thu 8 Feb 2007, 14:38, Reply)
woo weapons!
I'd just finished work, and locked up. I work in a shop that has a basement, and it's pretty cold so I figured I'd waste some time on the tinternet instead of waiting at the station for 45mins to go home.

The boss uses AOL *shudder*. I'm not really sure how it all works, but luckily his account was still up from earlier on (he'd gone home that day), so I proceeded to check email, read a few bits and basically kill some time. At which point, the "soothing" AOL voice says

"You've got company"

At which point I hear footsteps and noises upstairs. I get rather too scared for someone who isn't meant to believe in crap like this.

I promptly grabbed the nearest heavy object and wait.

Boss comes downstairs with his wife.

"ah" goes me.

"er, why are you holding the wireless keyboard like that?"
(, Thu 8 Feb 2007, 14:38, Reply)
The Coincidence of Porn
Back in the mists of time - well, 2003 anyway - I split up with a girl who I'd been going out with for a couple of years.

So the day after my best friend decided to cheer me up by taking me to a skin bar. Many beverages of an alcoholic variety were consumed, and on the walk home, fresh from seeing many and varied ladies without their clothes on, I decided to buy myself some... er... Gentlemen's Relish. Razzle, if you're interested, which proves how drunk I was.

I get home, plonk on the sofa and stick the TV on. In my inebriated state I start looking at the pictures, and get about as far as page three when...

I dropped the mag and fled the room. Another one of my exes from college was gracing the glossy pages of this fine publication.

Which completely put me off my stroke.
(, Thu 8 Feb 2007, 14:37, Reply)
Just a couple of weeks ago I dreamt I had a flat tyre. Alright, strange dream, nothing else. I get on my bike the next morning and notice it's tyre has gone flat. I find this slightly odd, but I just get the spare bike and cycle to the trainstation.

Later that day I'm all ready for the journey back home, I get on my bike and.. that tyre's flat as well. Strange days indeed..
(, Thu 8 Feb 2007, 14:35, Reply)
When I was a young boy we lived in a flat in the old part of town. The concierge was an old woman - well, I thought she was old, but now, perhaps I think she must have been about 50 years. When our parents used to go out for the evening, Mme Boudet would look after us - my two brothers and me. She was all right I guess, a bit scary and we were a bit naughty sometimes.

Anyway, to make a long history shorter, we moved away to a suburb, got older etc. At first, she would send us a card for our birthdays and Noel, and we would too. Then, you know, we lost touch.

Then one night I had the most horrible dream - I don't remember ever waking up so scared in my life, before or since then. In the dream, my eldest brother had decided to kill himself and Mme Boudet was there pleading with him not to. I woke up with such a feeling of fear and sadness I can't explain. I did not tell my dream to anyone as I was to upset.

Then the next day, my father got a telephone call to say that Mme Boudet had died during the night when I had my dream. I had not seen her for maybe ten years.

(, Thu 8 Feb 2007, 14:30, Reply)
the number of people reporting spooky concidences...
... is exactly the same as that predicted by statistical analysis.
(, Thu 8 Feb 2007, 14:28, Reply)
I was just thinking about
a qotw nobody takes seriously.
(, Thu 8 Feb 2007, 14:27, Reply)
Bump in london
About 8 years ago my mum, sister and I spent a weekend in London. We were sight seeing walking buy the Thames when we started to talk about my mums best friend who we had not seen in 2 years. Just as I start climbing some stairs to a bridge I physically bump into someone and when I turn round to apologise its the person we were talking about. No Idea she was in that part of the country at that time (in fact we though she was abroad).
(, Thu 8 Feb 2007, 14:26, Reply)
Here's one. The other night I had a dream that I'd married my year 8 form tutor from school, a woman I've not seen in 15 years. The next day I saw her on the high street. We didn't talk or anything, but it did bring the dream back, which I'd forgotton until that point. Gave me one of those 'someone walked over my grave' moments.
(, Thu 8 Feb 2007, 14:26, Reply)
how spooky
was just thinking of coming after rachelswipe was done... :)
(, Thu 8 Feb 2007, 14:21, Reply)
i was just about to post a really good diary answer about a total twat at my old job, when the qotw changed.

for the record, he'd written notes to himself like "you have a great body" and "you have a certain indefinable something that women are drawn to". er. it's called your wallet. that is all.


handel seems like the perfect gent to me, not at all what i've been used to!!!!!
(, Thu 8 Feb 2007, 14:20, Reply)
spoooky coincidence - i was just thinking about being first on this qotw

and ive come before you both - a winner and loser at the same time situation i feel
(, Thu 8 Feb 2007, 14:12, Reply)

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