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This is a question Spoooky Coincidence

B3ta's very own Fraser was once a cycle courier. On one job out to docklands his radio gave out, so he had to find a public phonebox to ring back to base.

He'd just located one when it began to ring. Picking it up, it was (obviously) a wrong number, but Fraser recognised the voice. Turned out it was a mate of his he hadn't seen for ages.

What spoooky* coincidences have you encountered?

* spoooky should always have three o's. 100% fact

(, Thu 8 Feb 2007, 14:07)
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robbie williams
I was at a birthday party held in a club. I quite fancied the birthday girl, but she was there with her boyfriend. He was a patronising fat git who had no idea that his girl had been flirting with me for a few weeks.

Anyway, after most people had got drunk and I was sitting there with a face like cat shit, said fat git decided to offer me some advice.

He: Do you know that Robbie Williams song? The one where he says, 'if you can't get a girl and your best friend can, it's time to move your body?'
Me: Yes, I hate it.
He: Well, you should do that. Dance a bit, and you might find a girl.
Me: I loathe dancing.
He: Ha! Ha! Well, you'll have to stay single, won't you?

I proved him wrong by spending the entire following Sunday porking his girlfriend. She cancelled the holiday she'd planned with him and instead invited me to meet her parents. Then we got married.

And Robbie Williams has just gone into rehab. Spooooooooky, n'est pas?
(, Wed 14 Feb 2007, 16:09, Reply)
21st Birthday parties
I started going out with a young lady in my home town. Nothing serious, I saw her on the odd weekend when I came home to see my folks.

Anyhoo, I'd only been seeing her a couple of weeks, when she announced that it was her 21st birthday party the forthcoming Saturday, and asked me if I'd like to come down for it. Cool.

Anyway, as I was her BF of the moment, I was cadjoled into having the first dance with her in front of her assembled friends and family, and the night ended without incident.

Keeping up so far?

The following Monday I was back to work as usual in the big city. The next weekend was the 21st birthday party of a rather attractive young lady who I worked with, and I was invited, along with a number of folk from work.

We played badminton together on Monday nights, and as usual ended up in the pub. There had been a bit of a chemistry thing between us from the off, and I suppose it was inevitable that we ended up sharing a snog over a cheese toastie. Having finally seen the light, I phoned the home town girl the following night to call the whole thing off.

Can you see where this is heading? That Saturday night, I attended the 2nd 21st birthday party in consecutive weeks where I was actually going out with the birthday girl.

Ok, not so much a coincidence, as more the uncontrollable lustings of a 21 year old arsehole.

Incidentally, I married the badminton girl, and I've not managed to shake her off since. :)
(, Wed 14 Feb 2007, 15:57, Reply)
oooh, Im not alone.
The guy on page 11 and the guy a few posts down have the same thing as I do with streetlights going off when I walk / drive under them.

People always think I am a nutter when I tell them this, but once they have seen it themselves they are quite spooked out.

I also find that lightbulbs blow in my house at a significantly higher rate than everyone elses places.
(, Wed 14 Feb 2007, 15:40, Reply)
two quick ones...
a few years ago I had to phone an ex to tell her that the cat we'd got together before we split had just died. the date? one year to the day since her sister died. somewhat coincidental but mainly sad.

also, my last girlfriend's birthday was the day before my previous girlfriend's...wasn't majorly coincidental, but was definitely unfortunate given how bad I am with dates and given that she knew what day the ex's birthday was. luckily I only had to run that gaunlet twice before we ended things.
(, Wed 14 Feb 2007, 15:36, Reply)
rev fister: engrish ghetto then?
now thass spoooky, teh jocks forcing engrish to live together....
(, Wed 14 Feb 2007, 15:35, Reply)
I was out enjoying a nice meal last night and much wine was consumed (mostly by me) and then lots of port.

It was a pure coincidence then that I tried to stand up and fell right back down again.

It was also a pure coincidence that this morning I felt like my tongue had been sandpapered.

Roll on the next QOTW - or story by FrankSpencer!

Size - big enough for you ;-)
(, Wed 14 Feb 2007, 15:14, Reply)
Stanlington Jobsworthy Smythe
There's a lot of that about, apparently...maybe you should get in touch with these people:

(, Wed 14 Feb 2007, 15:12, Reply)
Valentine spooooky
Well bugger me! I was just thinking how much I hate Valentines Day and fat cherub Cupid things when I heard that Cupid had been outed as a pig-fucking, baby-eating circus freak, thus leading to a ban on all things Valentines-related. Hurrah!!!
(, Wed 14 Feb 2007, 14:49, Reply)
Street lamps and artwork
I have a similar effect on streetlamps as hygor does back on page 11. Countless times have I approached a street lamp (even nowhere near the time they automatically go off) either on foot or in my car and it has gone off.

When I was at uni I lived in the same halls 2 years in a row. We had a lamp mounted on the corner of the building I lived in. The first time it went off as I approached I thought nothing of it. Second time, I thought it was odd that it should happen twice and maybe something was wrong with it. About the 20th time it went off as I got near to it I’m starting to think I have a bad aura or something. People didn’t believe me, claiming I was imagining it since it stayed on as they passed it. I could sneak up on the light, hiding in the bushes on the approach to it, but it would always see me and go off just as I thought I was past. Bastard thing! I don’t know whether it’s spoo(o)ky as such or there is a conspiracy out to get me to stub my toe or fall into a hedge thanks to lack of light.

When I was in primary school, I had a dream one night I was walking down a corridor and someone’s crappy poster paint “art” fell off the wall just in front of me. Sure enough the next day it happened as I was ambling without a care in the world at break time. I leapt up in the air out of a mix of surprise and terror about my premonition! If I could predict that what else could I predict?! Unfortunately my clairvoyance has not returned since.

“..and burst through the placenta!” Another long time lurker first time poster. Balls the size of coconuts you say??
(, Wed 14 Feb 2007, 14:43, Reply)
Sorry, not Forestry Commission housing - it was a private estate. My dad and the dad next-door-but-one worked for the same company, which was not the Forestry Commission.
(, Wed 14 Feb 2007, 14:34, Reply)
Happened to a mate...not me...true!!!

He was cruising thru the USA on business and caught up with some old friends somewhere along the bible belt.

He was invited over to their grandmothers house for her 80th birthday. Anyway my mate is from NZ and when he mentioned that he was from Nooo Zeelaaand the grandma said "Oh you must know the Smiths from Auckland then!"

He then went on to explain that NZ had 4 million people and wasn't full of sheep shaggers and we didn't know EVERYONE in the country.

So grandma grabd an old copy of National Geographic looking up an article on NZ.
Here look at this she says...you might know some people in these photos.

Just as he was about to go on explaining that New Zealand was quite big he spied a photo of his old next door neighbour.


And when he flipped the page there was a photo of him and his wife in a crowd shot of auckland.

He just politely smiled at grandma and said...maybe it is small after all!!
(, Wed 14 Feb 2007, 14:33, Reply)
very spooky
I was just about to say the same thing frankspencer. thats spooky. Click 'i like this' if you think i'm a cunt.
(, Wed 14 Feb 2007, 14:32, Reply)
Ooh I have a friend in that vast place, maybe you know him?
While stranded at Bologna airport overnight thanks to the fuddery of a certain German airline company, my mum and I struck up a conversation with a fellow passenger. He was from New Zealand and on the 2nd leg of a 5-stage journey home.

When he told us he lived in Christchurch, I mentioned as a joke that we had a family friend who lived there too and perhaps he knew him.

Much hilarity followed.

Until I mentioned the guy's name...... and it turned out to be his best friend!

The connection was a useful one in sad circumstances some time later.... our friend had been ill and we hadn't heard from him in some time. We'd swapped email addresses with the guy in Bologna, and were able to get in touch with him and confirm our fears that our friend had passed away. A sad way for the story to finish, but without having had that spooky meeting we might never have heard what happened.
(, Wed 14 Feb 2007, 14:23, Reply)
spookin' hell
About this time every week, the QOTW slows down to a crawl and the barrel is scraped right through. People just start ignoring the question and start bickering about senseless crap until Thursday, when regular readers laspe into comas of tedium. Spoooky.
(, Wed 14 Feb 2007, 14:23, Reply)
er, forestry commission housing?
just a thought.....
(, Wed 14 Feb 2007, 14:17, Reply)
A little bit spoooky.....
I was brought up in a small town in Scotland, although my family are from Middlesbrough. We moved up there for my dad's job.

The families on either side of us were both originally from Norfolk, with both dads having been transferred with their jobs with the Forestry Commission.

On the other side of one of them, was another family. They were from Middlesbrough, and their dad worked for the same company as my dad, having also been transferred up north.

Is this spoooky?
(, Wed 14 Feb 2007, 14:14, Reply)
Well it's not spoooky but
In the same week both our house and our neighbours had a new person moving in - theirs a boy, ours a girl. When they met a couple of days later, his face fell a fucking mile. It turned out that he used to be her stalker. To make matters worse, he discovered that one of his new housemates' best friend is living just over the road...with his ex. The ex and the stalkee are good friends. And the reason he moved from south to north London in the first place was so he could get away from them and start afresh.
(, Wed 14 Feb 2007, 14:04, Reply)
July 7th...
yeah, God must have hated all those other cunts then.
(, Wed 14 Feb 2007, 13:39, Reply)
me birfday is the 4th
my ex missus was the 3rd
her mum was the 5th
and then I met the poison dwarf, hers is the 6th
the spooky bit is that we all fucking hate each other, coincidence or what???

length: that urinal is f cold.
(, Wed 14 Feb 2007, 13:09, Reply)
Ace town
I'm not saying your talking bollocks or owt, but there is no 30 bus stop at Tavistock square, the bus had been diverted there. The only bus in London to be diverted 'funnily enough'.
(, Wed 14 Feb 2007, 12:58, Reply)
July 7th
so on the day of the 7/7 bombings, a guy i know was on the tube. he got off at his usual stop and started to take the short walk to the tavestock square bus stop. however, just before he got to the stop for the number 30, he was walking past a church and felt the urge to pray, which he hadn't done for about 4 years. he walks into the church, sits in one of the pews, and just starts praying... a few minutes later he hears a bang from outside, and people start coming into the church, some of them injured. turns out the bus he would've got on, had he not gone into the church was the one that was blown up, and the tube train he was one was behind one of the ones that got blown up.

(, Wed 14 Feb 2007, 12:53, Reply)
When mates collide badly
You know when you have two sets of friends who've never met and you think...they'd just get on like a house on fire?

I met my friend K and her boyfriend when I was working down near Tunbridge Wells and we really clicked. However, I started to lose touch when I moved up to London so when my Birthday came round, it seemed like a perfect opportunity to catch up.

At the same time, I thought it would be fantastic to introduce them to another couple I'd met in London - I was sure they'd get on. Along came the day and I was really excited about getting these guys together so I was all anticipation when K and her boyfriend arrived and I showed them in.

I've never witnessed someone see a ghost but I've seen the nearest damn thing! Turns out that K and one half of the other couple had once been an item. K's boyfriend had moved into their apartment 4 years previous and they'd started an affair that resulted in them running away to Nepal. Meanwhile, my cuckolded mate had more or less had a nervous breakdown.

Needless to say, I didn't make any efforts to get them together again afterwards!
(, Wed 14 Feb 2007, 12:11, Reply)
My Headmaster had a haunted chair
The ghost of a catholic Martyr is supposed to appear in it

A little bit off the point I know, sorry
(, Wed 14 Feb 2007, 12:09, Reply)
I thought today was going to be boring so I started to read this QOTW and yes indeed I'm now bored.
(, Wed 14 Feb 2007, 12:07, Reply)
I see the same LycraMan cyclist on my way home from work. No matter what time I leave, there he is, on the exact same brow of the hill, blocking half the road right on a blind corner. Wiggling his shiny bottom in my face. Taunting me.

I think the Lord is giving me a sign. Mow him down! Mow him down!
(, Wed 14 Feb 2007, 10:59, Reply)
lost touch with my best mate from high school
.....hadn't spoken to her for years. We used to do that thing frequently where you're thinking of your mate and lo and behold the phone rings and it's them...

Tripping gaily out of the supermarket with shopping, approached some very old dears selling raffle tickets. Lovely big hampery-type first prize, and they're raising money for burn victims. Three tickets later and I'm on my way, done a good deed and might win a prize to boot.

I get a call a couple of weeks later, from my long lost friend. She'd been shopping, seen some old dears selling raffle tickets and upon flipping through the raffle book for her lucky numbers saw my name. The rest is history.

The suburbs we bought the tickets in are a 45 minute drive apart....

Still makes me wonder...
(, Wed 14 Feb 2007, 6:52, Reply)
And another... (Last one)
My phone rang the other day, and I picked it up and did the greeting stuff, Hi how are you yeah i'm fine thanks blah blah blah, then my friend said "what did you ring me for then".

I obviously say "no you rung me what do YOU want"

He says somthing along the lines of "no you definatly rung me"

I suspect it's a prank or somthing and put the phone down.

Couple of days later he shows me some text he got off a girl, then i look on his received calls list, and it has the call I had there, exactly the same SECOND as my phone said.

We concluded that there was no way this could have been our fault and it must have been a call that the phone company randomly connected by accident. But what are the chances that they would connect us together?

Length, he said its huge but his girlfriend didn't.
(, Wed 14 Feb 2007, 3:06, Reply)
This is from my nan so might be a load of shit, but anyway. My mum and aunt are twins so they have weird "twin telepathy" moments and are usually a load of shite but this one is spoooky.

My mum and aunt went out and whatever, coming back home they split up as my mum had her own house and my aunt lived with my grandparents at the time, about 5 mins later, my mum felt realy bad and phoned my nan to see if aunt was there, "no" came the reply "is there a problem", mum goes "i don't know but can you look for her".

My nan shouts her name down the street which is followed about 10 seconds later by a manly scream, and a minute later by an out of breath aunt shouting "call the police".

Turns out she was being attacked and the man was trying to rape her and she couldn't repel him much longer, then came the call from my nan, to which he was momentaraly distracted.

So she fucking nutted him as hard as she could and as he fell to the ground holding his head she *stamped* with her high heely bit, on his nut sack, then came the manly scream, but it didn't stop there she proceeded to bite off a chunk of his hand as he tryed to grab her, she got the bit bettween index finger and thumb.

Thats how the police caught him, she noticed a man with mutiple cuts and plasters, and a big fat bandage on his hand, she called a nearby police man and that was that.

Length? she didn't get to see it for all the blood after she stamped him.
(, Wed 14 Feb 2007, 2:54, Reply)
Not so much spoooky as annoying...
...but whatever it is i'm doing my sister knows what i'm thinking, I was watching tv thinking "bloody hell he's fat" then within 5 seconds she goes "yeah he is isn't he"

sis:"he's fat"
me:"but I didn't say jack shit"
sis: "I didn't say you said anything"


me:(thinking of dock of the bay)"damn whats that song"
(thinking of riff but can't put words to it)
Sis takes remote control for no apparent reason and flicks channels to Biography (she hates biography) and there it is, playing from the very first note, sitting on the dock of the bay, on the biography of Otis Reading!
(, Wed 14 Feb 2007, 2:50, Reply)
I am blessed (not brian)
I think I might be blessed with weird luck;
Not a coincidence so much as my mum managing to pop us out at similar times, but my sisters, brothers and my birthday always fall on the same day. as do Xmas day and New Years day. (not date, like the day), saves a lot of problems trying to remember if you have to go and visit them for the weekend or not :)
also, I bought a second hand (prob prayed for vintage but think it was just crap) leather coat a few years ok, and no joke, in the pocket was a bus ticket from London (i lived in Hull at the time) from the day and year I was born................still havent figured out how that happened and Im still scared.
and once i met paul daniels in a queue in little chef and he gave me his free lolly, not so much a coincidence but i had watched his show the night before.......does that count??
(, Wed 14 Feb 2007, 0:55, Reply)

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