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This is a question Controversial Beliefs

Some mugs still think the MMR injection gives children autism (it doesn't), while others are of the belief that we're ruled by billionaire lizard people. Tell us about views outside the mainstream which people go glassy eyed if you bang on about them (Your grandad's a racist - no need to tell us, thanks)

Suggested by Frample Thromwibbler

(, Thu 25 Apr 2013, 12:06)
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I think that
immigrants who come here looking to work hard and make a better life for themselves in the west should be allowed to stay, and british benefit scroungers should be sent back to wherever they came from in their place.
(, Fri 26 Apr 2013, 21:28, 2 replies)
What, one benefit scrounger to replace
all the immigrants? He's going to be a bit lonely where they came from.
(, Fri 26 Apr 2013, 22:00, closed)
No problem with someone who wants to work hard; learn English (or whatever the native language of the destination country is); adopt Western values; and after they made their new country their home, ACTUALLY CALL that new country "home" - instead of leaving their loyalties lying in the 3rd-world while secretly hating us.
(, Sun 28 Apr 2013, 18:24, closed)

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