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This is a question Conversation Killers

ThatNiceMan asks: Have you ever been talking with people down the pub when somebody throws such a complete curveball (Sample WTF moment: "I wonder what it's like to get bummed") that all talk is stopped dead? Tell us!

(, Thu 12 May 2011, 12:53)
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killed in more ways than one
Some friends and I were taking about motor bikes, silly driving and that nutter that zooms round sweden, weaving in and out of traffic whilst doing over a ton (ghost rider?).

Although the topic was fairly serious we were discussing it in a humerous way.

After a few minutes this guy, Martin, pipes up and says "a guy died in my arms"

Everybody stopped talking.

He took this as his cue to elaborate a bit.

He had been on his way to a rugby match when he and a few other guys saw a motorcycle rip past them dressed head to toe in denim. One of them remarks on the fact that the guy must be freezing when all of a sudden Mr blue jeans and his bike start to cartwheel up the motorway. They slam on the brakes and put the hazards on. Some of them pull the wreckage to the side of the road. In the mean time Martin goes to check on the amazing human cannon ball. He finds him lying face up and convulsing in the middle of the lane just up from their car. His helmet is cracked and there is grey matter on display. The dude is checking out. Martin then goes on to explain that he saw past all the gore and horror and knew he was witnessing the last moments of someone's life. He tells us that he couldn't let this guy die alone, so he held his hand and talked to him.

You could have heard a scale model of a pin drop onto a mattress.

The evening pretty much fizzled out. For some reason.
(, Thu 12 May 2011, 18:57, 8 replies)
Fair play to your friend though, possibly gave the poor bloke a bit of comfort.

(, Thu 12 May 2011, 19:09, closed)
Good show that man.
(, Thu 12 May 2011, 19:23, closed)
A click for the man's humanitarian effort..
And another for "you could have heard a scale model of a pin drop onto a mattress.."
(, Thu 12 May 2011, 20:04, closed)
I've got to admit, that gave me a small lump in my throat
Good on your mate

(, Fri 13 May 2011, 2:08, closed)
Made me cry that did :'(
I would have done exactly the same thing, and it would have fucked me up for ages. Just reading this will stick in my mind for days now. Well done your friend.
(, Sun 15 May 2011, 1:44, closed)

I didn't laugh
(, Sun 15 May 2011, 5:28, closed)
Good work, your friend. A lesser man would have stood and gawped or run off shrieking.
(, Sun 15 May 2011, 20:58, closed)

Good man. The right thing to do.
(, Tue 17 May 2011, 0:04, closed)

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