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This is a question Corporate Idiocy

Comedian Al Murray recounts a run-in with industrial-scale stupidity: "Car insurance company rang, without having sent me a renewal letter, asking for money. Made them answer security questions." In the same vein, tell us your stories about pointless paperwork and corporate quarter-wits

(, Thu 23 Feb 2012, 12:13)
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Infallable Broadband
I used to have my broadband supplied by a supplier with the initials TB (Though not necessarily in that order).

All was fine until my broadband speed became so slow as to be unusable. No problem I thought, I'll just ring their helpline and get it all sorted out in a jif...

One long wait later I finally get through to someone who confirms my router is switched on and plugged then informs me that they've run a test and my line is fine.

My broadband is still running at dial up speeds so I ask if I can lot a call and get an engineer out.

Here's where it gets daft because the guy in the line informs me that they estimate my line should get a speed of 3MB and their policy is that I can't log a fault unless it is slower than 20% of that speed. Mine is just slightly faster than that at the moment so sorry, no fault call.

I point out that I live 200 feet from the exchange so a) their estimate must be wrong and b) there's clearly something wrong for it to run this slow.

The agent won't budge though so I ask to escalate the problem. After another long wait and going through exactly the same routine again I was on the point of giving up.

I don't know whether the guy was as frustrated as me with their stupid rules or just felt sorry for me but he decided to help.

"Phone back and say your phone line is intermittantly crackly" he said.

"Come again?"

"Report a crackly phone. They'll have to come and sort it out. It'll sort out your broadband problem at the same time."

It worked too.

There are ways round the red tape, you just have to find them.

Apologies for the length but anything to do with TB always goes on forever.
(, Fri 24 Feb 2012, 23:25, 1 reply)
This story is marginally less dull if you read the header as 'inflatable broadband'.

(, Sat 25 Feb 2012, 1:59, closed)

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