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This is a question Hotel Splendido

Enzyme writes, "what about awful hotels, B&Bs, or friends' houses where you've had no choice but to stay the night?"

What, the place in Oxford that had the mattresses encased in plastic (crinkly noises all night), the place in Blackpool where the night manager would drum to the music on his ipod on the corridor walls as he did his rounds, or the place in Lancaster where the two single beds(!) collapsed through metal fatigue?

Add your crappy hotel experiences to our list.

(, Thu 17 Jan 2008, 16:05)
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I've stayed in some shitholes in my time but.....
as fatbob just pointed out, if you want really crappy places to stay, Asia is the place. Kuala Lumpa's are amoung the worst, but what do you expect for 15 ringgit.

By far the worst I ever stayed in was an Indonesian truckers guest house right on the border of Sawarak and Kalamanten in sunny Borneo.

We only ended up there because by the time we hit the border it was closed. I'm not sure what was the worst part about it.

We had a rusting wreck of a motorbike in our room for some reason.

There was the constant sound of gun fire out side all night.

The ugliest oldest most yabaa ridden ladyboy I've ever seen- and trust me, coming from me that's saying something- trying to get into our room all night. The bike came in handy for barricading the door.

There were rats in the 'on sweet' toilet. I've stayed in a lot of places with cockroaches, but never rats out on show, happy as you like. They usually have the good manners to stay behind the walls.

Every cloud and all that though, because we were up 5am due to the fact that we couldn't wait to get out of there, the guard that had said he'd be waiting for us when we came back after we crossed the border in the other direction- we had no drivers license, and had convinced him the swipey bit at the bottom of a passport was a European license, he was dubious, but let us go with the promise he'd check it out and see us on the way back- wasn't there.

Probably a good thing, as we were in a stolen car. Happy days.
(, Sun 20 Jan 2008, 0:30, 1 reply)
15 ringo?
that's pricey compared to some of the places I was in, although I never encountered an actual ladyboy until mrs vmos showed up 4 months into my trip

(, Sun 20 Jan 2008, 11:58, closed)

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