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This is a question Hotel Splendido

Enzyme writes, "what about awful hotels, B&Bs, or friends' houses where you've had no choice but to stay the night?"

What, the place in Oxford that had the mattresses encased in plastic (crinkly noises all night), the place in Blackpool where the night manager would drum to the music on his ipod on the corridor walls as he did his rounds, or the place in Lancaster where the two single beds(!) collapsed through metal fatigue?

Add your crappy hotel experiences to our list.

(, Thu 17 Jan 2008, 16:05)
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My college degree took place in a hotel until the end of last year.
So I spent a year of college - lessons and lectures - in a hotel, where it was running for about ten years waiting for a new building. It was awful.

The hotel wasn't fit to be a hotel anymore, never mind a place of learning. There was a room with two grand pianos that were visibly at different slants to each other and just about fit into the room. While in another room playing music you could hear the vibrations of someone tapping their foot on the ceiling above.

There was a 'classroom' which had no windows so the air conditioning had to be on for the entire time that we were in the room, making it colder than anywhere on earth, moreso than when you walked outdoors.

But best/worst of all was our music technology room. The sound engineering equipment was in a kitchen section of a dining room. The kitchen room was directly underneath an en suite of a bedroom that was still rented out to people. On two occasions people left the bath run and the water leaked through the roof onto the mixing desk. Oh, and that room was prone to flooding from the river it was beside, every winter.
(, Mon 21 Jan 2008, 5:44, Reply)

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