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This is a question More Terrible Hotels

Actually paid to sleep somewhere that turned out to be less compfy, private or clean than the bench in the park outside? Tell us all about it.

Or perhaps you'd like to boast about getting upgraded to a sea-view suite next door to Stevie Wonder, like my colleague keeps doing? Over and over...

(, Thu 27 Nov 2014, 9:36)
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Hôtel de Ville, Paris.
Turned up late afternoon, but the lights were all off and no sign of any staff around. Managed to jimmy the door and make it inside the building. Since noone was about we just picked a room and stayed there.
The beds were made of solid pine, with keyboards instead of mattresses. Barely slept a wink before being forcibly ejected by some irascible gendarme around mid morning the following day.
(, Mon 1 Dec 2014, 12:16, 10 replies)
I like this.
Try the Hôtel Particulier next time; there are plenty of them in Paris.
(, Mon 1 Dec 2014, 13:01, closed)
ah so that is who I have on ignore...always wondered.
Why the fuck he wasn't there to meet you i will never know.
(, Mon 1 Dec 2014, 14:08, closed)
You had me on ignore?
You rotter.
(, Mon 1 Dec 2014, 14:51, closed)
nooo I don't use ignore.
I just wondered who the 'noone' was that you referred to.
(, Mon 1 Dec 2014, 15:17, closed)
Some cunt from Paris.

(, Mon 1 Dec 2014, 15:38, closed)
Are you alluding to an episode of 'One Foot in the Grave'
or am I thinking far too deeply about this?
(, Mon 1 Dec 2014, 17:19, closed)
As it happens, no.
But now I wish I was.
(, Mon 1 Dec 2014, 17:26, closed)

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