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This is a question Cringe!

Chickenlady winces, "I told a Hugh Grant/Divine Brown joke to my dad, pretending that Ms Brown was chewing gum so she'd be more American. Instead I just appeared to be still giving the blow-job. Even as I'm writing this I'm cringing inside."

Tell us your cringeworthy stories of embarrassment. Go on, you're amongst friends here...

(, Thu 27 Nov 2008, 18:58)
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Your mum
Also from my school days...
Being schooled in the classy town of Birkenhead (for those who havent heard of it, its more or less the town for companies and people who couldnt afford to build/live in liverpool. Yes, its that shite), I picked up some bad lingual habits.

Through the chavs(not scallies, went to a grammar school dont you know), one of the most over used habits picked up was "your ma". Need a comeback in an arguement? "Well, so's your ma!" And of course, being young teen boys, we just had to add "...IN BED!" Oh, how we would laugh!

Unfortunately for me, two close friends had both lost their mums(Can you see where this is going?).Many a time would I would harmlessly "your ma", then notice you were talking to A or S. And hate myself for it. Still cringing now thinking about it
*sorry for lack of funnys
(, Fri 28 Nov 2008, 16:53, 3 replies)
I do
something like this all the time. My *work mate's mother died of cancer a few years back and I'm forever saying stuff like that, or the other old favourite "you're about as funny as cancer"

I think he's immune now. (To my humour - not to cancer)

*Thankfully he's a good mate outside work as well and has the sense to realize that there's no genuine malice in it, just me being an insensitive prick yet again...

(, Fri 28 Nov 2008, 17:00, closed)
I shouldn't feel too bad about that.
I recently lost my mum to brain cancer and being 16, I tend to hang around the kinda crowd that uses "Your Mum" jokes.
Although I can find it a little insensative when one of them do a "Your Mum" I'd rather they just say it, as opposed to going "Your m-" and stopping in an attempt to censor themselves.
The fact that they do try and censor themselves (although well intended) just extends the embarrasment experienced on both parties.

So yeah... don't worry about it too much, provided that it's your friends who are spouting "Your Mums" it doesn't really get to you.
(, Fri 28 Nov 2008, 21:25, closed)
Which grammar school was it?
I went to Wirral Grammar.
(, Sat 29 Nov 2008, 12:10, closed)

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