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This is a question Join us... come join the cult

A friend of mine recently floored me with the admission that he'd spent several years in Eastern Europe with the Moonies. And he seemed so normal. Have you or your mates disappeared into a cult? Now that the brain-washing has worn off, tell us all about it.

(, Thu 26 Jan 2006, 17:46)
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According to a personailty test I just did I'd make a great cult leader yay me!
My perants keep trying to "help" me "get religion". Apparently it's not sensible to beliving that some random jewish nutter born thousands of years ago and crucifed by romans has nothing to do with me. The converstation usually just ends up with "ill pray for your enlightenment" or some such rubbish.

It's sort of funny though because one is a very "born again christian" and the other one is a very conservative "salvation army type christian". It's pretty fun, cause when ever they start trying to convert me I just bring up some trivial point (like dress codes in churches) and watch them fight it out. Tee hee, I'm a naughty wittle wabit ;)
(, Sun 29 Jan 2006, 13:25, Reply)

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