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This is a question Customers from Hell

The customer is always right. And yet, as 'listentomyopinion' writes, this is utter bollocks.

Tell us of the customers who were wrong, wrong, wrong but you still had to smile at (if only to take their money.)

(, Thu 4 Sep 2008, 16:42)
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Dept. store cafe
I had the joy of working in the restaurant at Debenhams many years ago. At this time we had a delightful uniform of bottle green skirt, little apron, green and white striped shirt and the icing on the cake... a little yellow bow tie.
Now I actually enjoyed this job, it was a good giggle, not overly taxing and being a cheery soul I didn't mind exchanging pleasantries with Joe Public.
We weren't cursed with too many awkward customers fortunately but my favourite was the couple who wandered over and asked for a coffee. I poured a coffee from one of the pots available. The man looks at me and says
"I want a fresh one"
"fine" says I "this pot has just brewed" he watches me pour it and says
"It's not strong enough" how he knows this without tasting I have no idea. I lie about one of the machines brewing stronger coffee and pour him a cup from a 3rd jug.
"Well that's not hot enough now is it?" and to add emphasis to this he sticks his finger in it and promptly swears as the coffee is indeed extremely hot.
All the while his wife has stood there saying nothing just a looking serene and calm, until the last cup where a look of glee briefly flashed across her face. She finally speaks as I hand him a cup of cold water to stick his sore finger in.
"I don't really want it after you've stuck your bloody finger in it." Picked up the first cup I'd poured and went off to pay leaving him stood there.
Strange couple!
(, Thu 4 Sep 2008, 21:29, 2 replies)
I worked in Springfields too in Derby (I think it was called Springfields wasn't it?). I remember the uniforms well and loved wearing the straw boaters along with the yellow bow tie - I felt like a member of ABC.
(, Fri 5 Sep 2008, 11:23, closed)
well done
I couldn't remember the name! I didn't have to wear the boater fortunately. We had the dimmest temps ever around Christmas one was fired for stealing the half empty bottles of aftershave from the mens locker room and another decided to clear tables by loading everything on to a tray and then carrying the tray on one hand over his shoulder. Not surprisingly he managed to throw this over a customer one day. Oh and as for permanent members the one who offered the bucket of water used for table washing to the mother who had just tipped coffee all over her baby springs to mind..fortunately someone else stepped in and quickly directed mother and baby to a sink. The mother was very grateful and contacted the local news to let them know about the quick actions and the thick mare actually complained that no one thanked her for her actions.
(, Fri 5 Sep 2008, 12:43, closed)

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