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This is a question Dad stories

"Do anything good for your birthday?" one of your friendly B3TA moderator team asked in one of those father/son phone calls that last two minutes. "Yep," he said, "Your mum." Tell us about dads, lack of dad and being a dad.

Suggested by bROKEN aRROW

(, Thu 25 Nov 2010, 11:50)
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The trials of being a dad.
Last weekend I went shopping with my two year old. We managed to blag a nice pink balloon from Boots and my son was over the moon with it all day. Come the end of the day and Mrs Mork is getting our boy into the car. Suddenly I see a big pink balloon floating gently away over my head. "Oh no!" says Mrs Mork. Then an anguished wail from our son, "Dad can get it!" - just as it disappears over the trees.

Ah, such faith he has in me! The look on his face broke my heart.
(, Thu 25 Nov 2010, 12:43, 4 replies)
I had exactly the same thing happen to me.
We saw Peppa Pig at the theatre and I bought my daughter a Peppa balloon. It was the most precious thing in her little world. I watched her happily walking round the garden with her dolls pram and balloon tied to the handle.

I looked up and saw that the ballon had come undone and was floating over the house roof, and she was jumping up try to reach it, and looking at me to do something. I could only cuddle her as she sobbed her little heart out. Made me feel bloody useless (more so than normal). Horrible, horrible feeling.

Now, I don't let the kids have balloons, so they won't break my heart. Problem solved. Not really, but I do tie them to their wrists until their fingers turn blue, just in case...

PS. I had to drive to 3 different balloon shops to get a replacement.
(, Thu 25 Nov 2010, 12:59, closed)
I made a special trip the next day
To the nearest Boots to my office (about 15 mins walk away), just to see if they had any balloons there. Sadly, no such luck.
(, Thu 25 Nov 2010, 14:27, closed)

Can I have a me too on the heartbreak bit...

That you went to the trouble of getting a replacement means you're not useless though
(, Fri 26 Nov 2010, 21:33, closed)
"It's going to the moon to be a spaceship for the Moomins"
always worked for me.
(, Thu 25 Nov 2010, 13:21, closed)

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