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This is a question Dad stories

"Do anything good for your birthday?" one of your friendly B3TA moderator team asked in one of those father/son phone calls that last two minutes. "Yep," he said, "Your mum." Tell us about dads, lack of dad and being a dad.

Suggested by bROKEN aRROW

(, Thu 25 Nov 2010, 11:50)
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Shameless repost:
I would like to point out that my dad is of a wildly different generation, and has thankfully cured his homophobia. Due to the fact that several of his close friends came out of the closet in the past few years he has realised that he was being an idiot.


When my oldest brother had reached the age of...
about 16, he started running around with his mate(who we shall call Steve)a lot more at night and started going to pubs, drinking and of course chasing women.

Now me and my brothers lived a sheltered life and had quite restrictive parents, so did Steve and eventually his dad came over to see my dad about the whole 'running around town' scenario as he called it. Now Steve's dad said something along the lines of:

"You know Mr Bamboo Steamer I am not to happy the way you let your son run all over the town with Steve to all hours of the night and this chasing girls thing...I don't want him making any 'mistakes', if you know what I mean"

To which my dad replied with the best advice ever:

"Oh I agree but look at it this way...at least we havn't raised a couple of poofs now have we?"

Steve's dad:

"You know, I had never thought of it that way before, all the best...bye!" and promptly left and never complained again.
(, Thu 25 Nov 2010, 13:14, 1 reply)
I wouldn't call that 'homophobia'.
Your dad may have had a dislike of homosexuals, but I think it is only natural to want your child to reproduce one day -- it's genetically programmed if nothing else.
I know if I have a homosexual child I won't love them any less or differently than if they are straight -- but I think a tiny part of me would feel the 'loss' of them not reproducing.
(, Wed 1 Dec 2010, 17:11, closed)

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