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This is a question Dodgy boozers

Just a vagabond writes, "I once had a guy in a pub shout completely out of the blue at me 'OI! BIG NOSE!' and then ask coyly 'Fancy a fight?'"

Tell us stories of the dodgy boozers you've been to, and what happened.

(, Fri 7 Feb 2014, 12:32)
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I think it's a shame that b3ta is endorsing this sort of nanny state bullying.
Pubs are great.
(, Tue 11 Feb 2014, 15:26, 11 replies)
Fuck off and smoke a fag in your car.

(, Tue 11 Feb 2014, 15:28, closed)
Listen sonny, I fought in two world wars so people like you could eat bananas and live in a democracy.

(, Tue 11 Feb 2014, 15:32, closed)
The government won't be happy until every pub is a Tesco local and we all go comatose on our sofas cuddling a box of 24 cans for £9.99
and then burn the house down because of unattended cigarettes in the only place we can legally enjoy them now.
(, Tue 11 Feb 2014, 15:35, closed)
Or electrocuting our entire houses down to the ground with e-cigarettes whilst watching Britain's Got Talent :'(

(, Tue 11 Feb 2014, 15:55, closed)
E-cigarettes give out cancer-causing particles and the em radiation they emit causes brain tumours.
Or so I read on the internet, anyway.
(, Tue 11 Feb 2014, 15:57, closed)
Yes!!!! And they cause FRACKING, too!!!

(, Tue 11 Feb 2014, 16:00, closed)
Yes, drinking overpriced (often poorly kept) booze, in the company of total strangers, is a great way to spend your time.
With any luck, all the shit pubs will go out of business, and only the good ones will survive. More likely, Wetherspoons will emerge triumphant, the Walmart of hostelries.
(, Tue 11 Feb 2014, 16:04, closed)
I'm concerned that you class Wetherspoons as a 'good' pub.
Then again, who cares about atmosphere so long as their rancid, out of date, watered-down fizzy french piss is cheap.

Also, I've had food poisoning only four times in my life so far. Three of those occasions were after eating at a Wetherspoons the evening before. Funny, that.
(, Tue 11 Feb 2014, 18:19, closed)
No, Wetherspoons is the antithesis of a good pub.

(, Tue 11 Feb 2014, 18:35, closed)
Hmm, I've now read your post again.
For some reason I read 'more' as 'most' the first time round. It's too early to use drink as an excuse, too.
(, Tue 11 Feb 2014, 18:52, closed)
Here, have a watered-down pint, to commiserate.

(, Tue 11 Feb 2014, 23:28, closed)

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