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This is a question Dodgy work ethics

Chthonic asks: What's the naughtiest thing a boss has ever asked you to do? And did you do it? Or perhaps you are the boss and would like to confess.

(, Thu 7 Jul 2011, 13:36)
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Half dodgy ethics at work, half you-would-though-wouldn't-you
I knew a girl some time ago who had lost her virginity, aged 16, to a strapping lad who had delivered a sofa to her parents house while they were out. I think they may even have thus christened the sofa itself.

This came up in conversation with her because she'd just spent a weekend back at her parents place (~5 years later) and believe it or not, the same guy turned up with new bed. After a sideways glance and a big grin from both of them, they got straight down to it again.

As far as this QOTW goes, it's probably stretching the truth to suggest that any of this happened on the instruction of the guy's boss, but it's still broadly under the umbrella of ethically questionable behaviour at work.

You would have though too, wouldn't you?

Length? I'd guess about 20 seconds, given the circumstances.
(, Sat 9 Jul 2011, 20:21, 5 replies)

(, Sat 9 Jul 2011, 20:24, closed)
I'm neither the bloke nor the girl involved in the tale, and to be fair it does have elements of an archetypal friend-of-a-friend story, but I am, in good faith, recounting a conversation that I had with this girl — Charlotte, her name was — a day or two and a pint or two after she returned from a weekend with her folks.

Take it or leave it really.
(, Sat 9 Jul 2011, 20:30, closed)

Why not? Unlikely perhaps but not impossible.
(, Sat 9 Jul 2011, 21:23, closed)
Was there waa-waa guitar music playing in the background?
And did he have a zapata moustache?
And a tool-belt?
And when he spoke were his lips were slightly out of synch with his speech?
(, Sat 9 Jul 2011, 22:16, closed)
On the internet!
(, Mon 11 Jul 2011, 10:06, closed)

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