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This is a question Dressing Up

Rotating Disembodied Head asks: Have you spent 10,000 man hours recreating a costume of a minor character from Star Trek to wear at conventions or merely turned up at a party buck-naked and sporting a mouthful of custard which you spit out on demand and declare yourself to be a zit? Tales of the old dressing up box, fancy dress parties and stealing panties off next door's line. Said too much.

(, Thu 25 Oct 2012, 12:37)
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We were at work one day
...in a telesales office of a Friday afternoon, around 3 of the clock, quaffing warm tea and chatting nonchalantly.
As a little diversion from the phones and spreadsheets, I chose to offer a challenge to my colleagues: I was going to a Halloween party that night, and I wanted a really good, really scary costume idea.
Jill from accounts suggested I dress as a frightening clown, maybe with specks of blood on my face. Oooh, scary, said Diane in sales, I hate clowns.
Pete from marketing suggested I dress entirely in black and attach flat panel speakers to my front and attach a head-worn microphone, meaning my every word would be disconcertingly amplified. Interesting, freaky, everyone liked the idea.
Then Chris from purchasing, a quiet lad, loudly made a suggestion from the other side of the office (an office full of middle aged women, quiet accountants, unassuming receptionists):

"A baby. A baby covered in spunk."

The room went quiet. Everyone pretended to be busy. A sob escaped from Janine in HR.
So that was my costume.
(, Thu 25 Oct 2012, 21:20, Reply)

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