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This is a question I was drunk when I bought this

Last weekend I realised that I was in a shoe shop sober for the first time... which is why I have such a wierd collection of shoes I don't wear. Thank god I don't have an Ebay account.

What rubbish have you bought whilst drunk?

(, Thu 9 Jun 2005, 11:42)
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Peer pressure
I am now the proud owner of a tattoo round my belly button with the words "made in heaven" was 15 at the time and pretty drunk and stoned.

My friends thought it would be great to get a tattoo down in the legendary place that was called Jacks. £1.00 a word! You had to have i.d and he didnt care what kind of i.d as long as it stated you was over 18. I had my friends mum's birth certificate which made me 36 at the time, he still didnt bat an eye lid.

Could of been worse for me though, one of my mates got "Made In England" and the other...... "Spice Power"

I am dreading the day I fall pregnant, can you imagine it when I go for a scan and I have a dirty big stretched tattoo over my bump reading "made in heaven" oh the shame.
(, Wed 15 Jun 2005, 11:02, Reply)

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