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This is a question Drunk Parents

Watching the old man swing home from the pub and start arguing with Newsnight can be either funny, slightly unnerving or just plain terrifying. Tell us about daft things parents have done while they've been in their cups.

Suggested by NotDavidBailey, voted for by YOU

(, Thu 24 Feb 2011, 17:58)
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My parents are a really cosy couple. They do everything together, and it's nauseatingly sweet. For as long as I can remember they used to share a bottle of wine in the evenings while watching TV, allowing themselves to relax after a long day of work or bringing us lot up. The fire would be on, if we were lucky we'd get a sip, and we'd just get to see this whole other side to our parents, who were more like friends than grown ups.

Unfortunately they don't do that any more. Since my dad was diagnosed with Parkinsons, he can't drink with his medication, and usually just falls asleep in the evenings. My mother doesn't like to drink by herself, since she thinks it's unfair that my dad can't join in. Some nights it's just like it used to be, they make jokes, they make fun of the television programs they're watching. But more often than not it's watching them in silence.

I'd give anything for them to be able to share that bottle of wine again. My parents are, and always have been, honest, hard working people. It's hardly fair that the one luxury they ever really allowed themselves was taken away from them.
(, Tue 1 Mar 2011, 17:53, 24 replies)
The wine wasn't the best part of it though,
they still have the main thing, which is each other.
Can't the doctor switch the meds around a bit so dad can have a drink now and then?
(, Tue 1 Mar 2011, 18:22, closed)
Because anti-parkinsonian drugs are either Modified Release, meaning that they hang around in the system constantly..
..or need to be taken at carefully controlled intervals in order that the user gets the maximal benefit from them and gets y'know as normal a life as is possible.
Not to mention that their action tends to be depressive in nature, meaning that(simplifying somewhat) combining them with booze is what's technically known as a 'drug overdose'.
(, Tue 1 Mar 2011, 18:43, closed)
when did you become a pharmocologist? Ever want to chat to me about drug design or neuroscience? ;)
(, Tue 1 Mar 2011, 20:45, closed)
wow again!
You've ever so slightly redeemed yourself (in my eyes anyway)
(, Tue 1 Mar 2011, 22:36, closed)

It's true, my mum's amazing for sticking by him through thick and thin. She works as a care worker, so she has had experience in taking care of people with Parkinsons before, and kind of knows how to deal with the various side effects he gets. Mostly with humour, more than anything else.

I don't think it's so much that he can't drink, it's more the side effects aren't worth it. The drugs used to treat Parkinsons can cause paranoia and while I can't think of the exact term for it, it can cause people to develop addictions.

My old man is a fairly straight laced, honest kind of person. I don't think he'd want to ever risk developing something like that.
(, Tue 1 Mar 2011, 21:43, closed)
Have you suggested swinging?
Watching her being hammered from behind by the postmaster while he drives Mrs Atherton wild with his vibrating digits ... could do them the world of good. Who needs bordeaux when you've got buttplugs, eh?
(, Tue 1 Mar 2011, 18:33, closed)
this sounds like the best course of action to me.

(, Tue 1 Mar 2011, 19:28, closed)

Hah, ironically my old man used to be a postmaster before he retired.

Given the sounds I hear now and again, they definitely find the time to have a bit of rough and tumble.
(, Tue 1 Mar 2011, 21:45, closed)
Get in!
Ummm ... I mean that in the ... you know what I mean.
(, Tue 1 Mar 2011, 22:35, closed)
First post I read in this QOTW, and it puts a tinge of loss, sadness and guilt on all the other jolly japes before I've even started.

(, Tue 1 Mar 2011, 18:42, closed)
You fucking idiot.
Fancy coming to a page on comedy website devoted to silly tales expecting silly tales.

I bet you were the sort of philistine who watched 'That's Life' for the stories about toddlers with cancer rather than the talking dogs and carrots shaped like genitalia.
(, Tue 1 Mar 2011, 18:47, closed)
I heard you have genitals shaped like a baby with a tumour.

(, Tue 1 Mar 2011, 19:00, closed)

(, Tue 1 Mar 2011, 19:14, closed)
A premature baby.
With a face tumour. In its face.
(, Tue 1 Mar 2011, 19:27, closed)

(, Tue 1 Mar 2011, 19:37, closed)
So many chins,
(, Tue 1 Mar 2011, 19:58, closed)
and I'm sure I've heard something like that before...
(, Tue 1 Mar 2011, 22:40, closed)
(, Wed 2 Mar 2011, 13:10, closed)

Ahh, I'm sorry.

I'm in a bit of one of them moods due to a bastard chest infection and generally being female.
(, Tue 1 Mar 2011, 21:50, closed)
At £5 a bottle (or thereabouts, depending on your taste)
they could probably parlay their alco-habit into something just as interesting.
(, Tue 1 Mar 2011, 20:00, closed)
Stamp collecting?
Taxidermy, that sort of thing?
(, Tue 1 Mar 2011, 20:11, closed)
I know I love filling animals with sand
and posting them to strangers.
(, Tue 1 Mar 2011, 21:23, closed)
ace, loved the tale, even if sad. (ignore the trolls)

(, Tue 1 Mar 2011, 22:42, closed)

the trolls are the best part of the medication.
(, Wed 2 Mar 2011, 16:38, closed)

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