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This is a question Embarrassing Injuries

Sometimes your mind isn't quite on the job in hand, the throes of passion get, well, passionate and something goes painfully wrong. Ok, so you wouldn't tell your mates how you got injured, but you can tell us... we won't laugh. Much.

(, Thu 2 Sep 2004, 10:25)
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I have another...
Not so much embarrasing as just downright painful...

Far North Queensland is home to the Mud Crab. A beast that can grow 20cm across the shell with prize-fighter nippers that can crush beer bottles, take off toes etc. They are dangerous, but delicious!

Experienced Crabbers plant a bare foot on their backs and truss them up with a piece of string to render them 'mostly harmless'.

My mate, an experienced crabber, is carrying a hessian sack with 20 or so 'trussed' crabs back along a very lonely beach when one of them gets loose inside the sack and bites him - HARD - in the middle of the back, through the sack. Not surprisingly, he lets go of the sack, which then hangs by said claw. Ow!!

Two friends try to help, cutting a hole in the sack - even cutting off the crab's claw, but it remains locked on. Not until he's back to the car, and it's toolkit, do they manage to get the bugger off!
(, Fri 3 Sep 2004, 3:45, Reply)

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