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This is a question Embarrassing Injuries

Sometimes your mind isn't quite on the job in hand, the throes of passion get, well, passionate and something goes painfully wrong. Ok, so you wouldn't tell your mates how you got injured, but you can tell us... we won't laugh. Much.

(, Thu 2 Sep 2004, 10:25)
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Stupid rather than sexual embarassing
Long story from my yoof .

Big party. Lots of drink. Lots more drink. Strange tablet someone gave me that I was stupid enough to take (no idea what it was).
Time to go home. 3am, Autumn, England on my motorbike. Heavy mist/fog. Fortunately no other traffic.

I realised I was having trouble 'chasing' the central white line in the road. It kept moving from side to side and I was having to swerve all the time to stay with it.

Near home in the thick fog I spotted the turning towards my road and turned into it. Still chasing the white line I found it was not the road I expected. It was a dead end with cars parked sideways across my path at the end. I slammed on my brakes way to late, the bike skidded onto it's side and I slid down the road on my knee.
Huge bang and revving of bike engine, the handlebars were wedged under the front wheel arch of a car, the throttle jammed open.
Smaller bang moments later as my crash helmet met the door of the same car ending my travels and saving my knee from further gravel rash.
I managed noisily to extract the heavy bike and ride away without getting caught though the bike was a pig to steer. Amazing the sobering effect the accident had.
Stumbled into my house, went straight to bed.
Woke up next morning to find the sheet stuck to my knee. I had taken the skin off down to the knee cap. Had to soak the sheet off.
I found the bike laying on it's side in the garden where I must have parked it and a battle damaged helmet in the hall.
I still have the scars to this day.
I won't say when or where it was in case it was your car I hit.
(, Sun 5 Sep 2004, 20:19, Reply)

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