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This is a question Embarrassing Injuries

Sometimes your mind isn't quite on the job in hand, the throes of passion get, well, passionate and something goes painfully wrong. Ok, so you wouldn't tell your mates how you got injured, but you can tell us... we won't laugh. Much.

(, Thu 2 Sep 2004, 10:25)
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Stealth pain
I awoke one fresh spring morning, larks were soring through the crystal skys. I sat up, shaking of the half rembered dreams of the night befor to sudenly feel AN INCREADABLE PAIN IN MY TODGER!

upon looking down at my old chap I was shocked to see the helm had swollen and taken on a distincly angry deep purple and was saw!

It took 10 mins of examination to find out that a 14inch hair of my beloved was had wraped its self 19 times round the base of the helm (for those of you playing at home try it with chease wire), so tight was it that I could not find the end and had to use a pair of wire cutters.

Oh an one time I kicked a door frame an shattered my big toe nail and got the fragments caught in my sock, it really hurt when my nan pulled off said sock to have a look.
(, Mon 6 Sep 2004, 22:20, Reply)

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