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This is a question Evil Pranks

As a student Joel Veitch attached a hose from the sink into my bed. I slowly woke thinking I'd pissed myself. I had the last laugh though. He had to pay for my ruined mattress.

What's the most evil prank you've ever played on someone?

(, Thu 13 Dec 2007, 14:01)
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Not so much evil...
My friend once asked me why mohair jumpers etc were so much more expensive than other woollen clothing items. I explained that mohair comes from a small animal called (not unsurprisingly) a mo. They live in mountainous areas only and are notoriously hard to farm. They have bright red eyes as they only come out at night and razor sharp barbed horns. Because they are soooo vicious, the only way to collect their mo-hair is to pluck it from the intricately woven barbed wire fence at the edges of their boundaries. This makes the mo-hair very rare and the job of collecting it very dangerous. So...mo-hair is so expensive due to having to pay mo-hair farmers the equivalent of danger money.

It was only after hearing her 'explain' this to another poor sap SIX years later that I realised I should set her straight. So I told her their eyes were really bright yellow. Red eyed moes - I ask you! How silly!

Length? Moes dont have penises, they have manginas.
(, Fri 14 Dec 2007, 14:21, Reply)

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