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This is a question Failed

On my third driving test, I turned right out of the test centre, reached a pedestrian crossing, attempted to run over a little old lady, was prevented from doing so by the examiner grabbing the wheel, then proceeded straight back to the test centre.

The drive home was very, very quiet. I've never felt such a complete failure.

What have you failed at?

(, Fri 5 Jan 2007, 10:21)
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My HNC at College
I took an HNC in IT at college to waste a year before going to university (I'd done 5 highers but was still only 16 and the thought of being IDed in the union depressed me).

Halfway through the course I got 5 unconditional offers from universities, but was it that which made me stop trying in college?

No... as a 16 year old girl still discovering her sexuality, I started becoming obsessed with my Norwegian teacher. She was dark-haired and wore sexy little boots, with the pointiest boobies imaginable. When she started having her female 'friend'* come into classes, and then sneaking off with her halfway through, it was too much. I took extra Norwegian courses instead of doing my IT work, and spent most of my IT classes daydreaming about her perkiness and sneaking to the toilets to masturbate.

Of course, I failed to pass 3 of my IT modules. I also failed to realise that I was rubbish at Norwegian, so I failed that too, which failed to impress my sexy teacher.

*Probably was just a friend, but in my fantasies she was the bottom
(, Sat 6 Jan 2007, 13:38, Reply)

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