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This is a question Failed

On my third driving test, I turned right out of the test centre, reached a pedestrian crossing, attempted to run over a little old lady, was prevented from doing so by the examiner grabbing the wheel, then proceeded straight back to the test centre.

The drive home was very, very quiet. I've never felt such a complete failure.

What have you failed at?

(, Fri 5 Jan 2007, 10:21)
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Failing Irish
Here in Ireland we have to learn Irish in school. As the language is only spoken by a handful of people I didn't think it was the most important thing on the curriculum. We had 7 subjects but only the best 6 were taken for getting into college. So I decided Irish was going to be my 7th subject.

I deliberately flunked it to get put into the pass class. That way I could take it easy as all I needed was a pass on the pass paper.

Anyway my when my parents found out they decided that I needed help with my Irish. I was sent to an Irish college for 6 weeks in the summer and had extra lessons every Saturday morning.

So that backfired spectacularly.
(, Wed 10 Jan 2007, 17:47, Reply)

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