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This is a question Family Feuds

Pooster tells us that a relative was once sent to the shops to buy an onion, while the rest of the family went on a daytrip while he was gone. Meanwhile, whole sections of our extended kin still haven't got over a wedding brawl fifteen years ago – tell us about families at war.

(, Thu 12 Nov 2009, 12:24)
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family ties
My Uncle no longer talks to his mother (my grandmother) and my Aunt (said uncle's wife)no longer talks to her father. This is because my grandmother married her daughter in law's father...the weirdest kind of incest story ever in my opinion. My family are from the North East so I'm not sure why i'm surprised!
(, Fri 13 Nov 2009, 16:56, 3 replies)
Can you supply a tree diagram?
I'm a little lost there
(, Fri 13 Nov 2009, 20:08, closed)
I think I have it
Her Father is now also her father in law? Having married her mother in law. making her, her husband's step-sister..
I think...
(big glass of merlot)
(, Fri 13 Nov 2009, 21:25, closed)

Here, I believe this is a family tree for the situation:

(, Sat 14 Nov 2009, 2:58, closed)

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