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This is a question I'm your biggest Fan

Tell us about your heroes. No. Scratch that.

Tell us about the lengths you've gone to in order to show your devotion to your heroes. Just how big a fan are you?

and we've already heard the fan jokes, thankyou

(, Thu 16 Apr 2009, 20:31)
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Gerry Adams
Met him in a local easons doing a book signing. Shook his hand and he signed a book for me. Didn't buy the book though, put back on the shelf.

Nice man, alot more hairy than i thought.

Not every day you meet an ex-IRA commander...
(, Sun 19 Apr 2009, 9:30, 14 replies)
Did you call him an ex IRA man to his face?

(, Sun 19 Apr 2009, 12:36, closed)
I value my kneecaps, may have been seen as a bit rude. One of those unspoken truths that are unspoken for a reason! :P

Anyways even if you didnt know who he was you could always guess from the people queueing up to see him, big lads in their 30's covered in tattoos wearing sleeveless tops even though it was a freezing irish winter and of course the obligatory legion of 16 year olds.
(, Sun 19 Apr 2009, 13:55, closed)
You missed a trick there, so.
I've been staggerinly rude to the man on several occassions, and always gotten away with it.
(, Sun 19 Apr 2009, 16:30, closed)
Shook his hand?
Any particular reason you shook that murdering cunts hand? What next? dinner with Gary Glitter? postal chess with the Yorkshire ripper? Next time try stabbing the cunt. I assume that you are a UK citizen (if I am wrong then I apologise for whats coming next) if that the case then its only dates that save you from being a traitor.
(, Sun 19 Apr 2009, 16:06, closed)
tend to agree.
(, Sun 19 Apr 2009, 17:43, closed)
(, Sun 19 Apr 2009, 18:45, closed)
^^ this

(, Tue 21 Apr 2009, 12:34, closed)
of the murdering variety.

"nice man"?

I hope this is sarcasm..
(, Sun 19 Apr 2009, 20:06, closed)
All the above...
...plus "alot" isn't a word. Never has been.
(, Mon 20 Apr 2009, 0:41, closed)
(, Mon 20 Apr 2009, 8:18, closed)
would you
shake Nelson Mandela's hand?
(, Mon 20 Apr 2009, 8:49, closed)
Without getting into politics, i shook his hand because he is a leading and significant historical figure.
(, Mon 20 Apr 2009, 20:59, closed)
are you fucking joking!?
he is a leading member of the IRA council and a significant murdering bastard.

I hate how people now see him and McGuinness as the bringers of peace to N.Ireland when in fact they should be stood in the dock, charged with mass murder and locked away for life.

fact, argue all you like but you are wrong.
(, Tue 21 Apr 2009, 12:34, closed)
I agree with you with the point he was directly and indirectly the cause of alot of death and suffering.

Just like leading loyalist factions and the british security services were equally directly and indirectly the cause of alot of death and suffering.

Have an open mind lad, no such thing as black and white.
(, Wed 22 Apr 2009, 15:33, closed)

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