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This is a question I'm your biggest Fan

Tell us about your heroes. No. Scratch that.

Tell us about the lengths you've gone to in order to show your devotion to your heroes. Just how big a fan are you?

and we've already heard the fan jokes, thankyou

(, Thu 16 Apr 2009, 20:31)
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Right, I'll tell you an anecdote.
In 1974 I was catching the London train from Crewe station.

It was very crowded; I found myself in a last-minute rush for the one remaining seat beside a tall, good-looking man with collar-length hair. It was the 70s; Buckaroo!

I looked up and saw it was none other than Peter Purves; it was the height of his Blue Peter career.

He said, "You jammy bastard" and quick as a flash, I replied, "Don't be blue, Peter!" Needless to say, I had the last laugh.

Now fuck off!
(, Wed 22 Apr 2009, 10:17, 1 reply)
hahaha :D
i don't think anecdotes are your strong point :D
(, Wed 22 Apr 2009, 10:18, closed)

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