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This is a question * PFFT *

I've been pretty farty all week, but 2 large helpings of sausage and lentil stew last night have really tipped things over the edge. I swear you can see these ones.

I'm here at work trying to hold them in so I (a) don't have to keep nipping to the loo like a madman and (b) don't gas half the office, but it's becoming increasingly difficult. I might rupture something if I'm not careful.

Tell us all about your own fartiness.

(, Fri 13 Jul 2007, 14:01)
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Filling up with gas
Last one I promise.

My ex and my friend, Dave, popped down the service station to buy some fags, and when they got back, they were both almost legless with laughter. It took a good ten minutes before they'd stopped laughing long enough to tell me that just as they'd come in, the Armaguard guy had arrived to take the day's takings from the till. The shopkeeper told Dave and the ex that they had to lock down the servo while this transaction was taking place, but that he would let them pay and go before locking the place up for the ten minute transaction. Just as Dave paid for his smokes, he dropped his guts, quietly but with deadly effect. Apparently even HIS eyes were watering as they both fled the place. When they got outside, and the doors had been locked from the inside, trapping the hapless Armaguard guy and counter attendant in the wall of stench. What tripped them over the line of near hysteria was the look of sheer horror on the faces of the two men trapped inside the evil-smelling environment, the comedy effect of which was so great, that Dave and the ex stuck around for a few minutes, helpless with laughter, to watch the show. It was only when the doors were finally unlocked and the green faced Armaguard man opened the door that they fled.
(, Fri 13 Jul 2007, 15:28, Reply)

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