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This is a question * PFFT *

I've been pretty farty all week, but 2 large helpings of sausage and lentil stew last night have really tipped things over the edge. I swear you can see these ones.

I'm here at work trying to hold them in so I (a) don't have to keep nipping to the loo like a madman and (b) don't gas half the office, but it's becoming increasingly difficult. I might rupture something if I'm not careful.

Tell us all about your own fartiness.

(, Fri 13 Jul 2007, 14:01)
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more reasons to shop at morrisons
i was working in morrisons car park at Scarborough depot..me and my mate were renewing the white lines etc,on nights.was a tough old night,plenty to do..anyway we finished about 5am..i took the meter wheel to measure everything we'd done up..i left my mate sat in wagon by the main entrance..by the time i had got to the garage area,my guts were bubbling like a geezer..all of a sudden ,i was stood buttocks clenched..rooted to the spot..i spent 5 mins waving frantically..eventually screaming across the car park for my mate to bring wagon..i could see him sat in wagon ramming pork pies in his mouth..he didnt flinch..by this time ,tears were streaming down my face..with the immense pain i was in..i managed to shuffle to where they fill the fuel tanks..
then it came..noooooooooooo...my pants came down in about 0.35 seconds..so here i am ..squatting on top of a fuel grate..about midthrust it hit home..i had no toilet roll..out of the corner of my eye,i noticed some large headlights coming into the car park...hells teeth..it was a morrisons petrol tanker..in a millisecond i whipped my calvins off..cream variety..having to use them to mop my rear end clean..they were slung under a nearby bush..i sprinted back to wagon to bollock my mate..who happened to be listening to thrash metal at full volume...i wheelspun our wagon out the carpark..passing the garage..the petrol guy was just stepping out of his wagon..poor fella..little did he know what delight was waiting for him..a chefs special
(, Sun 15 Jul 2007, 14:06, Reply)

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