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This is a question * PFFT *

I've been pretty farty all week, but 2 large helpings of sausage and lentil stew last night have really tipped things over the edge. I swear you can see these ones.

I'm here at work trying to hold them in so I (a) don't have to keep nipping to the loo like a madman and (b) don't gas half the office, but it's becoming increasingly difficult. I might rupture something if I'm not careful.

Tell us all about your own fartiness.

(, Fri 13 Jul 2007, 14:01)
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Oceanic Sealife
I had to go to Cornwall once with some of my family for a funeral. It was my dad, my brother, his fiancee and their baby, and myself. We travelled in my dads motorhome but as my brother had the nipper with him, he got to sleep in it, whilst my dad and myself were regected to sleeping in a tent, in a field, with loads of drunk Welsh students.

I couldn't sleep much that night, so I decided to just lie there and listen to the shit that the students were going on about, some of it was pretty funny and I had to try not to laugh, otherwise I would be sussed out. All of this while my dad was snoring his head off like a growling bear.

Then the snoring stopped, my dad shuffled about and let out a huge fart. It was one of those really deep bowel farts and kind of echoes inside your body.

The students went silent, then one said..

"What the fuck was that? It sounded like a fucking whale!"

Damn it was difficult not laughing too loudly!

I made sure that my dad knew about this in the morning.
(, Wed 18 Jul 2007, 9:46, Reply)

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