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This is a question FIGHT!

Dr Preference wants to hear your stories about fighting. Ever started a fight? Ever seen a spectacular bar brawl? Or did you hide in a kebab shop when chased by West Ham football hoolies? The first rule of B3ta Fight Club is that you WILL talk about B3ta Fight Club.

(, Thu 14 Mar 2013, 11:04)
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Austria C1984
I’d gone skiing with a groups of friends and we were sampling the delights of the numerous clubs in the small town.

One chap, John, despite being ginger had managed to catch the eye of a young lady in another group. He was apparently getting on well, and they’d decided to wander off by themselves. Prior to this, he’d nipped off to the toilets, only to be confronted by three blokes from the other group, threatening to turn him over if he didn’t leave her alone.

He came back from the bogs rather shaken, but apart from lots of sympathy no one was really going to do anything or take it further.

Apart from Andy.

He went over to the three lads and started screaming at them to come outside with him and have it out. Off they bundled and two of us followed him outside to see if he needed any help.

I got outside just as he was throwing his jacket off and storming up to the biggest one, shouting like a deranged psychotic killer, veins throbbing from his head and spittle flying.

The response from the now shocked subject of his attention?

“Err, well I’d like to fight you, but I’ve got the wrong shoes on to fight in the snow”, as he looked down, vaguely shuffling his feet on the ice.
(, Fri 15 Mar 2013, 14:00, 5 replies)
I hate that when you get caught without your snow fighting shoes on.
(, Fri 15 Mar 2013, 15:00, closed)
Oi! You 'eard!
Snow fightin'!
(, Fri 15 Mar 2013, 15:22, closed)
Tennis rackets with sharpened edges.

(, Fri 15 Mar 2013, 20:41, closed)
Bright copper kettles and warm woollen mittens.

(, Fri 15 Mar 2013, 20:45, closed)

(, Fri 15 Mar 2013, 21:08, closed)

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