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This is a question Have you ever started a fire?

I went to sleep with candles burning - woke up to a circle of flame on the rug. Thought, "Tits. Better put the rug in the bath and turn the taps on." TIP: Don't put a burning rug into a fibre glass bath. I caused about 5000 of damage to the house and was coughing up smoky black phlegm for a few weeks. Can you beat that?

(, Tue 2 Mar 2004, 17:48)
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Stoned student
When I was at Uni we tended to smoke a fair amount of spliffs. One of the main evening entertainments was in trying to persuade each other to do menial tasks like make tea or go to the shop when we were all too stoned to bother.
One day one of the girls who shared our house came into the living room, screamed at the sight of flames running up the curtains, ripped them down and ran them out to the kitchen sink. When she came in to see three of us just sat there she (reasonably) completely flipped out. "Why were you all just sitting there watching the curtains burn?" She yelled ...

"We were arguing over who's job it was to put them out ..."
(, Wed 3 Mar 2004, 9:46, closed)

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