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This is a question First rude thing I ever saw

Our Ginger Fuhrer's young life was scarred by the discovery of an end-of-the-pier 'What The Butler Saw' machine and a jazz mag shoved behind a toilet cistern. Tell us about the first time you realised that there was more to life than sweet shops and Friday night TV

(, Thu 11 Aug 2011, 13:07)
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A slightly better one
When I was young, we used to go to Butlins on holiday. I was in the swimming pool one day, and so were many other young people, including one attractive young lady, probably a bit older than me. 14 or 15 maybe. Old enough to have developed a bit anyway.

There was a rope across the pool segregating the safe shallow end from the deeper bits, and this girl somehow managed to bob up to the surface right beside it, and as she fell back down into the water the rope caught on the underside of her bikini top and pulled it up.

Bare tits!

Instant erection.

The only problem was that Butlins' swimming pools had glass windows under the surface so you could walk by outside and look at the swimmers. Including this young laddie with a protrusion in his trunks. I had to try to bend double and wade to the corner of the shallow end, where I could sit down until it subsided. Which took some time.

I soon forgot about it though, when my sister managed to slice a big chunk out of my thumb when she shut a locker door on it.
(, Fri 12 Aug 2011, 18:43, 1 reply)
Given the state you were in
I should be bloody grateful it was only your thumb.
(, Sun 14 Aug 2011, 13:43, closed)

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