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This is a question First World Problems

Onemunki says: We live in a world of genuine tragedy, starvation and terror. So, after hearing stories of cruise line passengers complaining at the air conditioning breaking down, what stories of sheer single-minded self-pity get your goat?

(, Thu 1 Mar 2012, 12:00)
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Undercovercarrot never said the NHS was perfect, what he does mean is that having vital medical care free at the point of use is an amazing thing but too many people take it totally for granted and just because it's not absolute perfection whinge about how hard done by it they are.

Which funnily enough you've proved in your post. After all, nobody forces you to use the NHS, if you think it's so shite, go private.
(, Fri 2 Mar 2012, 16:23, 1 reply)
Do you work for the NHS?

(, Fri 2 Mar 2012, 18:42, closed)

Oh good. Good logic. If somebody defends an organisation, that can only be because they must have some personal investment in that organisation. No such thing as objectivity. Well done.
(, Fri 2 Mar 2012, 19:42, closed)
I don't remember ordering a retard.

? denotes a question.
(, Fri 2 Mar 2012, 20:11, closed)
No, I don't work for the NHS.
And I don't know anyone who works for it either, before you try that tack. I have been treated a few times and never had any problems, though. MAN BIASED DUE TO SATISFACTORY NHS TREATMENT SHOCKER! Oops, that's me caught out!
(, Fri 2 Mar 2012, 23:59, closed)
Calm down
I was just wondering what you were basing your opinion on.
(, Sat 3 Mar 2012, 9:06, closed)

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