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This is a question First World Problems

Onemunki says: We live in a world of genuine tragedy, starvation and terror. So, after hearing stories of cruise line passengers complaining at the air conditioning breaking down, what stories of sheer single-minded self-pity get your goat?

(, Thu 1 Mar 2012, 12:00)
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See I sometimes get the tube in with my girlfriend
We talk, if it's particularly crowded we'll share a space, and I'll kiss her goodbye when she gets off at her stop. If it was, say, 11:30 on a Friday night, we might display a little more public affection, but there's no need to advertise to the rest of the carriage that we're having sex, is there?
(, Mon 5 Mar 2012, 15:00, 2 replies)
You're forgetting
They invented it
(, Mon 5 Mar 2012, 15:02, closed)
What. the underground?
Impressive that they found time among all that kissing.
(, Mon 5 Mar 2012, 15:06, closed)
I have to confess, that I agree with you.
I can't stand audible kissing on TV, either. Ugh.
(, Mon 5 Mar 2012, 15:10, closed)
Or whispering
Whispering on TV drives me up the fucking wall
(, Mon 5 Mar 2012, 15:20, closed)
To be fair,
most of what's on TV is infuriating shite.
(, Mon 5 Mar 2012, 15:26, closed)

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