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This is a question Walkman Flashbacks

There you are innocently going about your day when suddenly a particular song transports you back to a specific time and place.

For me, Animotion's Obssession instantly brings back the fear and nerves of school exams. And you? Tell us all about it.

(, Thu 24 Mar 2005, 10:56)
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Relax by Frankie Goes To Hollywood always makes me cringe
I used to have very long hair, half way down my back. On my 35th birthday, my missus said she was going to take me out for a meal and a night in a hotel. Anyway, getting ready to go, I was blowdrying my hair in the bedroom with the stereo turned up and "Relax" came on. So I'm standing in front of the mirror, naked, dancing around and singing along drying my hair with a pink and yellow hairdryer when my youngest brother threw open the door. Unfortunately, all of my family and most of my friends behind him shouted "surprise!". The surprise party was certainly a surprise.
To this day, even after 12 years, if "Relax" is heard by any of my family or friends they point at me and laugh.
(, Thu 24 Mar 2005, 11:21, Reply)

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