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This is a question Walkman Flashbacks

There you are innocently going about your day when suddenly a particular song transports you back to a specific time and place.

For me, Animotion's Obssession instantly brings back the fear and nerves of school exams. And you? Tell us all about it.

(, Thu 24 Mar 2005, 10:56)
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Oasis - Wonderwall.
Reminds me of getting right royaly hammered on a Christmas party in the Kensington Palace Thistle Hotel - London.

Decided to do the rock and roll thing and trash the hotel room with oasis as the backing track, stupid thing was that it was my room. Woke up in the morning to find that the someone had decided to rip all the pages out of the gideons bible and throw them out of window the TV had been trashed and had unexplaned cheese smeared over it. Was a great night though.
(, Tue 29 Mar 2005, 10:47, Reply)
Also anything by Guns 'n Roses or Rage against the Machine reminds me of my primary school rebellious metaller phase (seriously I got all my rebelling done when I was ten then was relatively well behaved throughout my teenage years).

One particular song that brings back memories is Bombtrack. Me and my partner in crime used to go back to his house from the private school we attended, take off our little checked caps (really) and headbang ourselves silly to the aforementioned Rage track before going out to see if we could find anyone to buy us fags or beer. Happy days :)
(, Tue 29 Mar 2005, 10:10, Reply)
Tunes of Glory
Hola. This question's way too big, but it's brought back so many good memories, so . . . thanks.

Funkytown, Lipps Inc - feeling nauseous on the big wheel at Aboyne Highland games, wondering how far I would vomit from the top. Spoiled many a good disco night since, that. I was about 8, I think.

The Downtown Lights by the Blue Nile, and anything off Sinatra and Nat King Cole's 20 Golden Greats albums - working in a nice hotel restaurant, the different smells of the different shifts, finishing off good wines at the end of the dinner shift and chatting until near the start of the breakfast one.

Peggy Suicide, Julian Cope - working on oil rigs. Street Tuff, Double Trouble and the Rebel MC - sunny afternoons in a pub in Cromarty on an unusual couple of trips where instead of being in the middle of the North Sea we were anchored in the firth, finishing shifts at noon and taking a boat in for a daily pool'n'pints session in the middle of summer. Great days, fairly poor jukebox.

Nightswimming and the untitled track at the end of 'Green', REM - waking from a doze on an overnight Greyhound bus between Ohio and Boston in late Autumn '92, 7.30ish, beautiful forests dappling morning sunlight on my eyelids as we moved. Should have been The Fall, really.

Waterfall by Atlantic Ocean and Krupa by Apollo 440 – top nights in various clubs in Glasgow, often the Arches, often off my tits. And driving to and from a total contrast camping night in the same period, on the rocks at Mallaig with two great friends, lapping waves, stars, wee fire, bottle of decent whisky, tremendous conversation. Very civilised, very lovely.

All of Leftism by Leftfield reminds me of fantastic sex with my wonderful wife. I think I may want to be buried or burned with that on the chip we'll hopefully be implanting by then.

Rock of my Soul by Rodney Crowell and For Pete's Sake by the Monkees - children making 'requests' from the back seat of the car. Mate burned a great compilation CD which they love. They used to be our sperm and eggs, all of a sudden they're telling me to put off Frank because they prefer the Bowie track. Kids, eh? Pesky.

Sorry for the length, I could go on forever. Great question but way too big. Ting, repetition.
(, Tue 29 Mar 2005, 10:10, Reply)
b3ta has fucked with my head............
I was reading the "Wanking Disasters" question, and came across Shrub Rocketeer's reply.
Now everytime I hear "Just A Little" by Liberty X, it makes me think of wanking.

Not of doing it, just wanking in general.
(, Tue 29 Mar 2005, 7:29, Reply)
Cemetary by The Headstones
... reminds me of this deviously sexy cocky little grin that this guy I'm really into flashes. Makes me shuddery and weak-kneed.

And There Goes My Hero by Foo Fighers reminds me of my best high school teacher, who was a good friend who passed away this summer. He really was my hero, taught me a lot.
(, Tue 29 Mar 2005, 5:47, Reply)
Misheard lyrics.
The Who's,'Tommy' always makes me smile. I had a big black cat from 1977-1994, a real talker. When I sang along my old cat would answer me with a loud, squawky 'meow'. He thought I was singing to him, "Ptolemy can you hear me? Ptolemy can you see me?..." etc. He was a great cat, I miss him.
(, Tue 29 Mar 2005, 2:13, Reply)
My red cell suddenly playing just now...
reminded me of being at a party sometime late last summer. Avoiding Andy's drunken talking of what he did with his younger girlfriend by going on MSN and talking to a random person. Just so happens I'm now going out with that random person. Int life brilliant?
(, Tue 29 Mar 2005, 1:16, Reply)
*gets all teary eyed*
Bros When will I be famous - number one the week I arrived in England today no wonder I got homesick and cried a lot for New Zealand those first few months
(, Tue 29 Mar 2005, 0:37, Reply)
whenever i hear Shirley Bassey singing Moon River I am instantly (and occasioanlly inconveniently!) transported to a carnival float i took part in, dressed, at my own whimsy bequest, as a teapot.

i had been eating black micro-dots and the saturday afternoon high street crowd seemed to earnestly gurn at the demigog i was unto them.

Aged 15
(, Tue 29 Mar 2005, 0:18, Reply)
1 good......1 horrific
Dashboard Confessional - Age Six Racer: Oh....I feel so Emo and dirty now....but it takes me back to the end of the greatest summer of my life....I'm off to have a good cry before going to buy some threadbare children's size t-shirts with random slogans.

DJ Otzi - Hey Baby: This musical travesty takes me back to uni when leathered slags would howl the chorus in unison after a few too many WKD's, making the walls of our halls vibrate and windows shatter. There was no escape. I hate DJ Otzi.
(, Mon 28 Mar 2005, 23:11, Reply)
She's Electric
by Oasis... reminds me of the alternative lyrics:
She's a spastic, She's got calipers made of grey plastic, And her hair-lip operation was drastic, And she needs a new spine.

Also it reminds me of people taking offense at parties and taking my guitar away.

She's got a brother, He's got one leg longer than the other ...
(, Mon 28 Mar 2005, 22:25, Reply)
Busted. Yes I am sorry
Busted - Year 3000.

I moved to New York in September, and after I'd been here about 5 weeks and still hadn't found somewhere to live and got a rhythm to my life it all got a bit much for me. I ended up in the shower, bawling my eyes out and singing Year 3000. The rather pathetic combination of my singing voice, the lyrics and my sobbing became hilarious and I laughed myself ok again.
(, Mon 28 Mar 2005, 22:20, Reply)
The entire album behaviour by the Pet Shop Boys
One of my fave all time records ever (no I'm not Gay!) but it just takes me back in time to the third year, Crowden week in october, abseiling/canoeing/girls fun! hormones racing round like ferrari's in the blood stream.
Stream scrambling, climbing, out on the moors where you feel alone and at peace. Whenever the demons come I play Behaviour and it takes me back to a time when I felt I could do anything and be anyone before reality hit.
(, Mon 28 Mar 2005, 21:42, Reply)
Paranoid Android
by Radiohead. Reminds me of college - and the shitty local radio station had to play it cos it was in the top ten. Was hilarious hearing that next to the M-People on the bus in the morning.
(, Mon 28 Mar 2005, 21:38, Reply)
the nine inch nails - head like a hole single
reminds me of sex, which is a good thing..
(, Mon 28 Mar 2005, 21:36, Reply)
the song "The Scientist" by Coldplay
brings me back to lying on the bed with a guy I really like, Graeme, fiddled up to him, listening to him quietly sing along in his beautiful voice. *sigh* Oh dear.
(, Mon 28 Mar 2005, 21:29, Reply)
the entire Changesbowie album
... my mate in school`s parents had a yacht (!) and the four of us went off to Scotland for a few days

just remember listening to the album and chucking my guts up everywhere - sea sickness, not musical content
(, Mon 28 Mar 2005, 19:50, Reply)
Rock DJ by that idiot Robbie Williams
always reminds me of tearing up the N1 from Waterford to Dublin and back in Oscar, my first car... it had just hit the airwaves, so it was constantly on... in one speaker as the other one was never connected

...having to stop every 20 miles to fill the radiator up with water because there was a leak, and not being able to drive too fast as the vibrations used to dislodge the ignition module and make the engine stop.. and the washer bottle that didn`t work so I had to throw water out the window and hope it hit the dirty windscreen
(, Mon 28 Mar 2005, 19:34, Reply)
it's gotta be
Foo Fighters and 'Aurora'. brings back memories of going up the sydney Tower in the middle of a raging thunderstorm in the late afternoon whilst on holiday a few years back. It was playin in the car on the way over and for some reason it just stuck in my mind.

A beautiful song for a beautiful moment.
(, Mon 28 Mar 2005, 19:05, Reply)
The Bohemian Like You Dance
Every time I hear that song I nearly wet myself remembering two of my uni mates performing an impromptue piece of musical and physical synergy while half cut on the dance floor of our old union, before it had to be closed due to general financial mismanagement. They were perfectly synchronised as they danced a dance which was probably just the Saturday Night dance performed at a different speed, but impressive nonetheless.

Anything by the Smiths: flashbacks to a ridiculously destructive "relationship" with my sexy female "best friend". Thank god that's over...
(, Mon 28 Mar 2005, 18:23, Reply)
Boney M
Ra Ra Ra Rasputin, Daddy Cool and Christ Was Born On Christmas Day remind me of being jammed in an ancient auto rickshaw, hurtling around potholed mountain roads in upland Sri Lanka with a ropey looking, but massive speaker blaring out The Best of Boney M at about 200 decibels two inches from my ear.
The hilarity had to be pointed out to me though, I was tired and sweaty and not quite in the right frame of mind to really appreciate the unique sounds of 1970s eurodance at brain haemorrhaging volumes.

Ra ra rasputin has since become my favourite song of all time; catchy beats, and an important historical message to boot. Learning can be fun kids
(, Mon 28 Mar 2005, 18:21, Reply)
Under the Bridge - RHCP - my anthem of sexual frustration
Red Hot Chili Peppers lost me with this song, and it took ten years until "By the Way" to win me back.

When I hear to opening guitar notes from Under the Bridge, I am transported back to sometime after midnight, anynight, 1992, in my then-girlfriend's then-apartment, her dead asleep (that woman could have slept through childbirth!), me wide awake, wondering what happened to the little dropped hints of getting some special delights once my friends got the hint and left. Then wondering how much trouble I'd be in for waking her up to get some, or how much trouble I'd be in if she woke up to me "taking matters into my own hands."

Might not have been so bad if the station didn't play that song at almost the exact same time every night, and I was usually awake for it, for the same reason.

Thirteen years and counting, I still hate that song.

EDIT: I just humbled myself to read the lyrics, and they are strangely fitting in a lonely, sarcastic frustrated kind of way.
(, Mon 28 Mar 2005, 17:04, Reply)
"A Remark You Made" by Weather Report
I had just left the vet's office, through the back, after giving the ok to have my cat put to sleep. I got into my car, in the rain (of course), and this song started playing while I was staring at the empty cat carrier. I couldn't listen to the song again for six months, and even now I get a bit choked up when I hear it. Fortunately, I'm the only person I know who knows the song, or has a copy of it.
(, Mon 28 Mar 2005, 15:50, Reply)
not very interesting but i'm trying to get the story about losing my virginity off my profile
hearing spear britney's "toxic" reminds me of being stuck in an office with BRMB for 8 hours a day last summer while all my mates were getting pissed and stoned at uni. *sob*

oh slightly more cheery reel big fish's "beer" reminds me of an amazing night i spent with some mates (one sadly now deceased) in besisahar playing cards and drinking beer
(, Mon 28 Mar 2005, 15:45, Reply)
Whenever I hear "I would do anything for love (but i wouldn't do that) by Meatloaf,
I am remindewd of my first night on the sofa with dutchbird, in front of an open fire, with the ropes and the roll mop herring and the boxing gloves.
(, Mon 28 Mar 2005, 14:56, Reply)
QOTSA.....no hang on.....QOTW
No one knows by Queens of the Stone Age always takes moi back to running away from mr. plod one night drinking at our local high school. He didn't catch us cos he was fat and slow. Anyschways, we got home and chilled out with a couple of drinks listening to that song and discussing how funny it all was and how the cop kept yelling "Don't run boys! Don't run!!"
(, Mon 28 Mar 2005, 13:23, Reply)
Now That's What I Call Music 44
Bran Van 3000 - Drinking In La, Moloko - Sing it Back, Ann Lee - 2 Times, DJ Jean - The Launch, Eiffel 65 - Blue... the list goes on of 1999 tracks that instantly take me back to the year of (guess?) 1999, where I spent summer working in some dingy closet-converted-office in a theatre, making web pages with some `Dreamweaver' program for a small local company, in the sweltering British heatwave, with Simon Mayo's Wonder Years on Radio 1 as my only consolation for getting up that early in the morning...

Those were the days.
(, Mon 28 Mar 2005, 12:17, Reply)
from "Born in the USA" by Bruce, "Brothers in Arms" by the Srtaits, or "Watermark" by Enya reminds me of endless car journeys around france spent staring out the window at moleste fields full of wheat and maize and stuff. Those were our official holiday car tapes when I was little. I'm not sure whether the fact I still like Enya is entirely due to this or whether she is, in fact, a genius as I have always maintained.

Edit - Finally figured out molest
(, Mon 28 Mar 2005, 12:02, Reply)
Uncommonly dope...
"F*ck tha police" by NWA always takes me back to my grandmothers funeral...

She never was keen on "dem po-po sons 'o bitches", she loved Werthers Originals tho.
(, Mon 28 Mar 2005, 10:48, Reply)
The jangly bit at the start of Papercut
Pretty much any song from the first Linkin Park album makes me think of speeding and mayhem.

Years ago, playing GTA3 I had the mp3s playing when I was driving around. I had got up to the third island, and had just about given up on the missions. I would just get in my Banshee, crank the stereo and race around running over pedestrians until I died (or until I got to the airport and tried to fly the Dodo)

To this day, when I hear one of the songs while driving, I floor it and start looking for cops to run over.
(, Mon 28 Mar 2005, 9:51, Reply)

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