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This is a question Walkman Flashbacks

There you are innocently going about your day when suddenly a particular song transports you back to a specific time and place.

For me, Animotion's Obssession instantly brings back the fear and nerves of school exams. And you? Tell us all about it.

(, Thu 24 Mar 2005, 10:56)
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Just got back from...
the dentist who kindly gave me a filling. While I was getting it done "Kharma Cameleon" by Culture Club was on the radio and he was singing... No doubt its gonna bring back painfull memories whenever I hear it... *shudders*
(, Tue 29 Mar 2005, 18:02, Reply)
Snap --- The power
Training to this in the local gym, watching all the "Winking eyes" and camel's toes trying to break out of all that tight lycra !
Then getting to shag one of the really dirty married ones at the subsequent health club christmas party.She just couldn't get enough of it! HAPPY DAYS.
(, Tue 29 Mar 2005, 17:52, Reply)
Sunday night by the radio
Back in the days of 45's,Listening to the radio on a sunday night with anticipation to see what was number 1 in the charts, the programme was then followed by the dulcet tones of "The mike Samm singers" singing something simple, back to the times when families did things together, and stayed together.No apologies for being an old fart (46)
(, Tue 29 Mar 2005, 17:43, Reply)
can't remember the band
but there was a cover version of the Stones' 'We Love You' in a baggy style, around 1990...so evocative of making myself properly sick for the first time on bacardi and pot noodles that on the very rare times i've heard it since, I've dry heaved
(, Tue 29 Mar 2005, 17:32, Reply)
April 15th 1989
Went straight from some cafe on Highbury Hill to the North Bank of Arsenal Football Ground with "Americanos" by Holly Johnson ringing in my ears.

There, myself and 40,000 others stood, stunned, sickened, as news of the Hillsborough disaster unfolded on handheld radios around the ground.

Happy song, sad day, always takes me back there, and that knotted feeling in the base of my stomach returns.
(, Tue 29 Mar 2005, 16:28, Reply)
Summer 1989
My family embarked on our first Continental holiday. We had a *lot* of miles to drive, from West Wales to the Loire Valley in deepest France, and my mother duly recorded hundreds of C90s from the cream of her LP collection to keep us nippers entertained in the back. We'd been on the road about 20 minutes when she discovered they were all still sitting in a little heap in the middle of the living room. In a masterpiece of planning the family opted not to turn back - allowing us the joy of doing 3000 miles over a fortnight during the hottest period of the summer with only the Very Best of Bryan Ferry and Roxy Music for company.

Hearing Jealous Guy nowadays brings to mind the feeling of tearing bare legs from vinyl seats. Owowow.

There was a period in the mid eighties when the top of the charts was dominated by two songs: The Final Countdown by German synth-nohopers Europe and hairspray enthusiasts Bon Jovi's Livin' on a Prayer. Either of these songs reminds me of the slightly sick feeling brought on by too many service-station knicker-bocker glories as my newly divorced father tried to establish himself as the "fun" parent.
(, Tue 29 Mar 2005, 16:15, Reply)
Prodigy - Diesel Power
Sitting by the pool at the MGM - Vegas, headphones set to max, slightly pissed with this booming......104' looking at New York New York........ sweeeeet
(, Tue 29 Mar 2005, 16:14, Reply)
Wonderwall - Oasis
Sitting around singing it with a load of mates and this girl I really fancied, and on the line 'I dont believe that anybody feels the way I do about you now' we both look over at each other and theres this great spark between us. Just a nice little moment really :) she cant stand me now of course...

Woo first post, decided to stop lurking now!
(, Tue 29 Mar 2005, 15:54, Reply)
Moby - Go!
A while back I used to interview visiting pop starlets for the local listings mag. I was on a roll too, having managed to have the last go on the soon-to-be-dead guy out of The Shamen (remember them?) only the month before.

This time it was the the turn of Moby, on his first UK tour and riding high in the charts with his monsyllabic rave anthem *Go!*.

The gig was fantastic, repetitive beats slammed out of the dry ice & every so often a tiny bald head appeared from behind a euphoric wall of piano breakdowns to yell the title of his monster hit. In keeping with the intelligent pop star image the little chap was cultivating, his girlfriend sat in the wings throughout, ignoring the show and reading Dostoyevsky.

After his slot our born again vegan hero retired back stage, only to find his tiny dressing room full of the gak-hoovering monster mates of the promoters intent on forcing all kinds of chemical up his self righteously drug free nostrils. It was with these gentlemen he was spending the night. There was no chance of conducting an interview in this environment and little Moby obviously extremely uncomfortable, looking more like a terrified rabbit than a future producer of classy advertising muzak. So back to my place he came, girlfriend in tow, to stay in my spare room.

In morning, he behaved oddly, refusing to touch toast because *there may be something in the bread*... apparently orange juice and muesli were fine. He then disappeared to the loo, after which I was to give him a lift to his train.

He was gone for some time.

Eventually I decided to see if he was OK. Just as I was about to knock on the door, he rushed out, muttering he was ready to go.

In the car he was very quiet.

After dropping him at the station, I returned home & noticed a puddle under the toilet door.

I glanced inside.

The floor was soaked! The cistern handle was hanging off, paper strewn over the floor and in the bowl nestled a single, perfect popstar turd.

I washed it away with a bucket of water. The repairs cost me £40.

To this day, whenever I hear *Go!*, I feel a little bald head rush past me, just out of my line of vision.
(, Tue 29 Mar 2005, 15:45, Reply)
Vienna by Ultravox
Dunno why, but this always brings back memories of going back to my mates house after school. He lived on a houseboat, and we spent hours reading back issues of 2000AD. I remember one Judge Dredd story about a Robodoc who went berserk and starting cutting people up...
(, Tue 29 Mar 2005, 15:41, Reply)
2 sad, 2 happy
Every Time we Say Goodbye (Simply Red) - reminds me of when my lickle brother had a fit and wea whisked to hospital in an ambulance. This was playing on the radio and I remember sittng at the dining table crying because I thought he was going to die (he was fine, just one of those strange things that happens sometimes when you're a kid).

Cuts Both Ways (Gloria Estefan) - a depressing song anyway but reminds me of when I was madly in love with my friend's big brother. We had a snog at the bus stop and I was walking on air till he contacted me a few days later and told me he wasn't interested thanks (SOB!!!) This whole episode pained me till I ran into him at a party a few years ago and he was almost totally bald and desperate to get hold of me - NOT ON YOUR LIFE PAL!!

Something Beautoful (Robbie Williams) - reminds me of when I spent a great weekend with my boyfriend in the Summer a couple of years back. We were just chilling out at his flat, it was warm and sunny outside and we were planning a trip to the beach, then this came on and it was just perfect.

Don't Stop Me Now (Queen) - I was in the pub with some mates, we'd just gone for a few cheeky ones after work which turned into a mammoth sesh. This song came on and we were all just sitting there shouting it at the top of our voices and laughing our heads off. We weren't bloody laughing the next morning when we had to get up for work though.
(, Tue 29 Mar 2005, 15:16, Reply)
Lara Croft is my Bitch
I bought "The Prodigy - Fat of the land" on the same day that I bought the first Tomb Raider for the PC back in 1994. Now, whenever I hear the song 'Smack my Bitch Up' it still reminds me of LC doing sideways flips blasting the crap out of that T-Rex by the waterfall.

Pantera also remind me of Goldfish, as I bought 3 of the blighters on the way back from purchasing "Vulgar Display of Power". Weird.
(, Tue 29 Mar 2005, 15:11, Reply)
Anthrax - Superhero
Reminds me of when I first saw them, or more specifically, the fact that while watching them I was able to forget all about my stupid bitch girlfriend (now ex) who was being the biggest cunt ever to me that day

Incubus - Just A Phase
Slipknot - The Blister Exists
Slayer - Disciple

All three remind me of driving in the summer, cos they are great songs to listen to on the road

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Get On Top

Seeing the Chilis at Hyde Park last year. This one is mine and my best mate's anthem, cos whenever we're in my car and we go driving we always sing it. That sounds hella gay, but it's not
(, Tue 29 Mar 2005, 14:54, Reply)
A Few
Orbital - Chime.

Reminds me of the last time I heard a record play in Manhattan Heights nightclub, as some cunt burnt it down the week after.

Alison Limerick - Where Love Lives (89' Dub Edit)

See above (As it was played before Orbital)

Pet Shop Boys - West End Girls

Reminds me of sitting on the wall on the Thames with a massive spliff off my tits on Coke watching the world go by
(, Tue 29 Mar 2005, 14:43, Reply)
I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)
My friend and I took a battered old acoustic guitar to the Leeds festival a couple of years ago. After the first night it only had three strings left so we would wander around the campsite playing the distinctive first few bars of 'I'm Gonna Be' by the Proclaimers, looking for fellow Scottish people. Occasionly someone would join in from inside their tent. This delighted us greatly and we would go over and have a very loud sing-a-long and a drink. Then we would start again until someone else Scottish recognised the song and joined in. All night. Wonderful.
(, Tue 29 Mar 2005, 14:31, Reply)
"Big Mac, Fries to Go" by Pop Will Eat Itself
Brings me right back to student disco Thursdays in the Limelight in Belfast. I used to go every week and for at least the first six months I stumbled around the dance floor to this, chanting

"Big Black Bicycle,
Gimme Big Black,
Gimme Bicycle"

Seemed fine to me :P
(, Tue 29 Mar 2005, 14:30, Reply)
smack my bitch up
i will always remember the long hot summer of 2000.
eight cold stellas a night
and my first restraining order......
(, Tue 29 Mar 2005, 14:24, Reply)
Number of the Beast, by the mighty Iron Maiden
I remember hearing this on a compilation tape before I got into the whole metal thing. Must have been in 86 or so, Master of the Puppets was just out.
Anyway, I listened to this on the walkman and I could not understand a single word! I remember thinking, "How the HELL can anyone call this music, it's just noise!"
A few weeks later with a metal chick girlfriend I was letting my hair grow and headbanging to Metallica and Megadeth. I've never forgotten that weird, grandfather-style moment though. I know exactly where I was and everything, I'd just crossed a field on the way home from my mates house and stopped at a gap in a hedge, rewinding it over and over trying to 'get' it. And it's not even like it's that heavy at all . . .
(, Tue 29 Mar 2005, 14:22, Reply)
The whole of Spiderland takes me back to 15 Brudenell Rd, Leeds 6 in 1995, where my housemates and I spent an entire day drinking tea and listening to it over and over again. The American girl who was staying with us thought we were mental. But we weren't. She was.
(, Tue 29 Mar 2005, 14:13, Reply)
Lola's Theme
Listening to Lola's Theme by Shapeshifters will always remind me of a mates birthday, going out in Wales to this converted barn listening to the Shapeshifters DJ, off my face with some ace people, and then having to have sensible conversations with my mum! Happy Days.
(, Tue 29 Mar 2005, 13:59, Reply)
bit of a weird one this - but shipbuilding (the elvis costello song) as covered by suede always reminds me of walking into town. odd.
(, Tue 29 Mar 2005, 13:39, Reply)
I can't get no sleep
Insomnia by Faithless - before they got big - playing this in my mate's orange escort whilst he's taking me and other mate's from Uni to his dad's hotel in Bridlington for a weekend of debauchery. About 100 over the North Yorks moors...happy days
(, Tue 29 Mar 2005, 13:36, Reply)
En Vogue
A couple of years ago i lived in a flat with neighbours that left a bit to be desired.

I was frantically trying to write my dissertation, in the middle of a very messy break up and my neighbour played Dont Let Go by En Vogue on reapeat at full volume all day and all night. Now when i hear it (which admittedly is far less frequently) it takes me back to those traumatic times.

On a lighter note, the other day i got a packet of Frazzles and opened it and found a Monster Munch inside. Delighted.
(, Tue 29 Mar 2005, 13:31, Reply)
Shut up, just shut up, SHUT UP
I always make sure I have this running through my head when having to talk to a pregnant woman I have the misfortune to work with. You just wouldn't believe how she always manages to get the conversation back to herself and her foetus. SHUT THE FUCK UUUUUUPPPPP!!!!!! NOBODY CARES!!!!!!
(, Tue 29 Mar 2005, 13:25, Reply)
Guns 'n' Roses
I Used To Love Her But I Had To Kill Her -

The perfect record for my last fuck-buddy. Girl with the body of an Angel and the mind of a sadistic psychopath. God help me when she was drunk. Total raving nutter. Good shag though.

(, Tue 29 Mar 2005, 13:25, Reply)
Mustang Sally by The Committments
The Music Club, of which I was a member, were playing at an open mic night and we kept getting requests to play 'Mustang Sally'. So we gave in at the end of the night, and I took up lead guitar duties. We needed someone for backing vocals, and our club secretary stepped forth- a very loud, very rotund woman with too high an opinion of herself.

Anyway, we played it and were doing fine until the first 'All you wanna do is ride around Sally' when we heard 'Ride Sally, ride' in a Barry White-esque female baritone with a Yorkshire accent. It was awful. There were panicked glances from all the band members, none of us could believe we were hearing this. We played the whole thing and she didn't even realise how bad she sounded.

So now, every time I hear 'Mustang Sally', I think of our 'beloved' club secretary.
(, Tue 29 Mar 2005, 13:10, Reply)
Ronan Keating's...
...'You say it best (When you say nothing at all)', or whatever the hell it's called.

We buried my eldest brother a few of years ago - he was born with Cerebal Palsy and it had been messing with his health for years, until it finally got him but good. Gutted, the lot of us :(

We chose a suitable track for the memorial, but instead this Mike Smitt-type new-age vicar bloke picked out the Keating one, sang along and encouraged the understandably non-joyous congregation to do the same. Several of us were even unhappier bunnies as a result.

Understand here that sufferers of Cerebal Palsy are in most cases speech or movement-impaired, and my brother's capabilities were virtually nil in both departments. Bear this in mind whilst imagining this fucking idiot playing AND singing some boyband tat that essentially took the piss out of the condition that plagued my brother all his life and eventually killed him.

So, whenever I hear that particular item of pop slush now, I think both of the sad time when we said goodbye to one of my two true-blood siblings, and the day some god-bothering tit made a mockery of him - pillock :/

No apologies for length - must have kept you interested for long enough to read it ;)
(, Tue 29 Mar 2005, 12:29, Reply)
911 - Twin Towers
I was working in a Government building in Hastings when the first plane hit. A few seconds later I got a text telling me about it and I managed to get to a TV screen as the second plane went in. I can remember the total shock and horror I felt and remember thinking " God! The yanks are going to be very, very pissed off about this."

It was a weird moment when I suddenly realised that the world had changed forever. America the mighty had been attacked on their own soil.

A couple of days later the gallows humour reasserted itself and in the sewers of the Internet where I hang out a competition was launched. We wanted the most appropriate song for the 911 attack.

Third place: - Smoke On The Water - Deep Purple

Second Place: - Jump - Van Halen

Winner - It's Raining Men - The Weathergirls.

Even now I can't hear any of those songs without seeing that second plane go in and ,later, watching the people jumping from the burning towers.

I'm going to Hull.

(, Tue 29 Mar 2005, 11:35, Reply)
papal arrivals/departures
back in 1982, the pope visited edinburgh ... in the same few weeks that the rolling stones played the playhouse ... (bear with me) ... seems like a reasonable thing to bring up given that the guy looks like he's on his way out ... anyway, went to see both (as you do if you're a student and there's a thing going on). the pope appeared at the top of leith walk in his popemobile, waved at the amassed faithful, then went into st thingie's cathedral to do his stuff ... we went home ... SOME DAYS LATER ... despite having lived through the whole punk/new wave years as an impressionable adolescent, it almost felt like, well, you *had* to go and see the rolling stones if they were in the vicinity, rock dinosaur/boring old fart status notwithstanding ... however a local new wavey band called TV21 managed to get the support slot for the gig (last gig they ever played?) and the last song they did before giving up the stage to the rocknroll aristocracy finished with the refrain "hanging on to days gone by, hanging on to days ... gone by..." ... which both the catholic church, organized religion in general in fact, and the sixties glitterati have managed to do quite handsomely and lucratively ... good band TV21
(, Tue 29 Mar 2005, 11:30, Reply)
Also Creep by RadioHead.
Was V Drunk at some house party and somhow managed to grapple with a v nice young lady, after about 10 minutes of groping i needed to retreat to the bathroom. When i returned i found that the pre mentioned young lady was up to her tonsels with my mates young female cousin. Of course all my friends insisted that i had turned her gay. Strange night in all.

Now everytime i hear that tune i feel proud of my woman turning skills.
(, Tue 29 Mar 2005, 11:07, Reply)

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