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This is a question Food sabotage

Some arse at work commands that you make them tea. How do you get revenge? You gob in it, of course...

How have you creatively sabotaged other people's food to get you own back? Just how petty were your reasons for doing it? Did they swallow?

(, Thu 18 Sep 2008, 15:31)
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not so nice toffee
while waiting in the car for my mum so we could go around to her friends place i spied some toffee looking substance in a bowl so not wanting to miss out on some sneaky toffee i broke a chunk off and stuffed it in my gob.... lo and be hold after a few chews found out it wasnt toffee but wax for my mother to wax her and her friends legs!! guess the joke was on me. first post and i like it rough so dont be gentle...
(, Wed 24 Sep 2008, 8:32, 2 replies)
Thanks Mr Heke
(, Wed 24 Sep 2008, 11:09, closed)
I have 2 waxes
the hard wax is bright pink and smells slightly of toilet freshener and the other (the leg wax) is a white sticky goop. I don't think either would be pleasant to eat.
(, Thu 25 Sep 2008, 5:05, closed)

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