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This is a question Foot in Mouth Syndrome

What's the worst social gaffe you've ever made? When you know you've said the wrong thing to the wrong person and wish the ground would swallow you up. In other words you've just contracted a bad case of foot in mouth syndrome. Tell us your stories and we'll share your pain.

(, Tue 20 Apr 2004, 22:27)
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Pub Based Gaffe
We did off from work directly to a city centre pub for a night of beer fueled hi-jinks and, as we were waiting for latecomers to join our party, my mate and I began to suggestively rate the female entrants to the pub.

A series of lewd comments followed as the North East air produced a varied array of women in some quite superb states of undress, until the overall quality of girls entering the pub seemed to slump for a few moments.

Then in walks this brunette.

"Now that's more like it!", exclaims my mate, obviously excited.

"Fuck off man, Colin, are you taking the piss!!??", I replied for all to hear, proud at my amusing put down.

Yes... it was his fucking wife.
(, Wed 21 Apr 2004, 14:51, Reply)

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