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This is a question Foot in Mouth Syndrome

What's the worst social gaffe you've ever made? When you know you've said the wrong thing to the wrong person and wish the ground would swallow you up. In other words you've just contracted a bad case of foot in mouth syndrome. Tell us your stories and we'll share your pain.

(, Tue 20 Apr 2004, 22:27)
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this one's nasty
Well i was watching the news with a mate of mine, and a story came up about a girl who'd been hit by a bus. The headline was "Parents ask - how did our girl die?" . Being of the witty persuasion, i piped up "A bus ran her over you tit" . I didn't stop there, i launched into how funny it must be at the morgue with the two morticians wondering how she died, and a big tyre mark down her face. I went on for about 5 minutes before i noticed the look on my friend's face. Turns out he was good friends with her.

(, Thu 22 Apr 2004, 17:55, Reply)

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