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This is a question Stuff I've found

Freddy Woo writes, "My non-prostitute-killing, lorry driving uncle once came home with a wedding cake. Found it in a layby, scoffed the lot over several weeks."

What's the best thing you've found?

(, Thu 6 Nov 2008, 11:58)
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snail eaten tenner for me, wooo!!
A year or so a go I worked in Wiltshire driving a little white van with the shit-company-I-worked-for's name on the side, doing IT support for Wiltshire County Council. anyway, one day I was in Calne visiting the library and parked opposite in a short stay parking bay. as I got out of the van I saw what looked like the remains of a tenner in the flowerbed, on closer inspection it was a rather old snail eaten tenner! I picked it up and went straight to a bank in the highstreet by the library and exchanged it for a shiney cripsy new one :)

score me!
(, Fri 7 Nov 2008, 10:42, 2 replies)
Have a click for being able to spell County Council without alluding to their true nature! Well done!
(, Fri 7 Nov 2008, 10:45, closed)
haha thanks :)
(, Mon 10 Nov 2008, 11:58, closed)

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