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This is a question Stuff I've found

Freddy Woo writes, "My non-prostitute-killing, lorry driving uncle once came home with a wedding cake. Found it in a layby, scoffed the lot over several weeks."

What's the best thing you've found?

(, Thu 6 Nov 2008, 11:58)
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First post in a long time!
(, Thu 13 Nov 2008, 16:49, Reply)

(, Thu 13 Nov 2008, 16:47, Reply)
You'll find...
...Smee again!
(, Thu 13 Nov 2008, 16:47, Reply)
interesting watching the last few pages
Does nobody here have anything else to do?
(, Thu 13 Nov 2008, 16:42, 4 replies)
Short and sweet...
absolutly skint, in my student house, scraping around coppers to get enough for some baccy - anything... was nearing the 1.20 or what ever it was, but needed the extra 10p...

Aham - the ovver sized coffee cup that I keep crap in - there should be coppers in there.

Small red pouch thing - I open and find 2 20's and a tenner!!! Rich!!! so I went and got beer too!

I found a knife as a kid out the back of a pub hidden to be found later - but dad took it off me as it had been double edge sharpened... and the tip broken off, no blood though.
(, Thu 13 Nov 2008, 16:42, Reply)
I found...
that people are like slavering dogs.

Also, I once found a pube in a pizza.
(, Thu 13 Nov 2008, 16:38, Reply)
I reckon Rob is there, watching us beg him, saying "beg me harder, bitches".

And just for that, I say nay. Run this QOTW another week. Let Pooflake run wild with puns, and everyone else run wild with tales of funding narcotics under things. Begging is for dogs and hobos.
(, Thu 13 Nov 2008, 16:34, 10 replies)
I just found...
...some nose gold. Now to share it with the townspeople.

First post. How was it for you?

*EDIT* So exciting, after so many years lurking I finally post a story...albeit a very lame one but still. Yay for me! :o)
(, Thu 13 Nov 2008, 16:33, 1 reply)
I found...
an ex here on b3ta. Was a surprise to bump into her after god knows how long, but nice to know that she's ok and to genuinely feel glad she's happy. Rather surprised myself with my maturity and affection. Yay for me!
(, Thu 13 Nov 2008, 16:30, 1 reply)
Found Eh?
I once found €70 at the bottom of a pool in Lanzorate, not to shabby for a 13 year old. Also In Spain I found a Wallet with No id in it just cash, so I .. eh handed it in to the security desk...

Oh and last night i found a tenner in a night club so that sorted breakfast today.

EDIT: Click I like this to change the QOTW its new, quickly Now!
(, Thu 13 Nov 2008, 16:29, Reply)
Oh, for God's sake
Stop complaining about the time it takes for QOTW to end, Watch pot springs to mind.

It's usually after 5pm as most of you well know by now.

*not that it matters to me cause I've rarely got anything interesting to post.

**goes and sulks....

***and hopes the new one will be soon
(, Thu 13 Nov 2008, 15:49, 5 replies)
That's it,

I'm taking off my clothes and not putting them on till a new QOTW is opened!
(, Thu 13 Nov 2008, 15:46, 18 replies)
And whipped cream

(, Thu 13 Nov 2008, 15:43, Reply)
I once found...
...a wooden block in the shape of a foot, which had clearly once belonged to a shoemaker or cobbler.
(, Thu 13 Nov 2008, 15:41, 1 reply)
Pretty please with a cherry on top?
Or the next thing I find will be something to slash my wrists with.
(, Thu 13 Nov 2008, 15:40, Reply)
Pretty please
Can we change the QOTW
(, Thu 13 Nov 2008, 15:37, Reply)
A Hand
Not me technically, but a chap at college, spaceman Ed- who could have featured in last weeks qotw.
Picture the seen, 5 fresh faced young lasd eating dinner, making conversation about girls and stuff, when Spaceman ed pipes up
" Oh I forgot to tell you , We found a hand in our back garden ."
Conversation stops
"what???" says four quite alarmed confusci
"at home" says spaceman
"what? our home?" says four even more alarmed housemates confusci.
"no my parents house" says spaceman- now his parents weren`t short of a bob or two, they had a house with a tennis court, but his dad washed his hair in washing up liquid. half the house was full of junk, the other faded grandeur.I digress
next question from mr confuscious
"when was this then??"
and the delightful reply, from our apted named fellow was
"weeks ago"
confucious he say" whatyoufoundahandinyourparentsbackgardenandyouforgottofuckingtellyourfuckingmates!!!!!"very quickly.
"yes..sorry...i must have forgotten..." says spaceman.
Anyhoo- turns out after the police investifgation- said hand was a mummified ancient hand and not the butler/cleaner/bastard son of spaceman.
But the spaced outtwat had forgot to tell us.
(, Thu 13 Nov 2008, 15:28, Reply)
I once worked in a call center
and made a call to a Mr Cadaver whose wife informed me that he had recently passsed away. That was the last stiff I phoned.
(, Thu 13 Nov 2008, 15:24, 3 replies)
I've found...
that thursday afternoons seem to drag more now that b3ta takes forever to change its QoTW...
(, Thu 13 Nov 2008, 15:20, 3 replies)
Ok, first attempt
A mate of mine has a weird condition that causes a milky white discharge (looked like Semen) from his eye unless it is kept cool.

Usually this is done by a miniature fan attached to his head but one day it broke down so he had to use a playing card.

This led to his new nickname of...

Spoff Eye Fanned

I'm so, so, so sorry
(, Thu 13 Nov 2008, 15:20, 2 replies)
I've found
the B3ta overlords to be much tardier this week than last week at changing the QOTW...
(, Thu 13 Nov 2008, 15:17, Reply)
Come on its my day off I want somethig to read as i`m bored.
(, Thu 13 Nov 2008, 15:17, Reply)

last of the current wine
(, Thu 13 Nov 2008, 15:14, Reply)
(, Thu 13 Nov 2008, 15:14, Reply)
I thought you liked to feel like that...
(, Thu 13 Nov 2008, 15:13, Reply)
I found
I found monkey86's optimism to be misplaced.
(, Thu 13 Nov 2008, 15:13, Reply)

i agree with Chad
(, Thu 13 Nov 2008, 15:13, Reply)
I've found...
that trying to be last in no way makes up for the fact this QoTW is dead and we really need a new one...

it's all tarnished and keeping it alive makes me feel dirty and wrong.
(, Thu 13 Nov 2008, 15:11, Reply)
Not Last!
(, Thu 13 Nov 2008, 15:08, 4 replies)

This question is now closed.

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