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This is a question Stuff I've found

Freddy Woo writes, "My non-prostitute-killing, lorry driving uncle once came home with a wedding cake. Found it in a layby, scoffed the lot over several weeks."

What's the best thing you've found?

(, Thu 6 Nov 2008, 11:58)
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Returned purse = crap reward
I have always been rather adept at finding money but slightly let down by my own guilt. I often find the odd ten pound note or fiver and I don’t mind keeping them if only because they are impossible to return to their rightful owner but when I find a wallet or purse (which I have more times than you’d think) I have to hand them in.

Anyways I did happen upon a purse with several hundred pounds in once and luckily (or unluckily) the police were able to contact the owner after I handed it in, a week went by and I’d forgotten all about it when one day I returned home to find the most enormous bouquet of flowers. It seemed the owner was so grateful they bought them for me, the only problem being I’m male and was in my teens at the time so had little use for them.

I’m still glad I was able to return the purse to the owner who probable thought that they would never see the money again … and the flowers really brightened up the place too!!
(, Tue 11 Nov 2008, 22:55, 4 replies)
At least you have
the warm fuzzy feeling of knowing you made someone's day. I lost my wallet a few months ago and it was found by about 100 miles away from where I lost it, it had all my cards still in it and it was a great relief, so have a click from me seeing as I can't thank the person who found mine :)
(, Tue 11 Nov 2008, 23:20, closed)
Who has
me now? Whut?

EDIT: Actually, I had to ruin my funny here by voicing my appreciation. I too return money and wallets, and I would hope fervently that someone would do so with mine should the occasion arise. Hurrah for honest people! *click*
(, Wed 12 Nov 2008, 0:42, closed)
"A good deed done is its own reward"
(, Wed 12 Nov 2008, 9:43, closed)
I still hope this will happen to me
My handbag was stolen last week (containing my mobile, iPod, wallet, and my favourite bright pink leather gloves, gah!) and I have no hope whatsoever of ever seeing it back.

Once at a party I found a purse with about 250 euros in it, had I found this under 'normal' circumstances I would have taken it to the police, but being at a party where drinks cost 2,5 euros a piece I was severely tempted for a minute or so to take a bit out. I decided I couldn't though so I gave it to the organisers - who thanked me (even though it wasn't theirs) with free bottles of champagne all night. Score! :-)
(, Thu 13 Nov 2008, 5:51, closed)

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