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This is a question Going Too Far

Ever had one of your mates go too far? Back when I was a teenager I went to stay with a friend in the country. We took his dog for a walk in some woods - which was fun.

We came across a breeding pen for the local pheasant shoot - which was interesting.

But then my friend broke into the cages, grabbed a pheasant, strangled it and proceeded to throw it around, only managing to rescue it from his dog's jaws seconds before a gamekeeper turned up to see what the hell was going on. Now, that was a bit too far...

(, Fri 10 Nov 2006, 14:11)
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Last one, I swear..
Train Bham New St to Sutton.
I like many others, attract nutters on public transport. Not interesting nutters who fascinate and inspire. Bad, smelly nutters who scare and intimidate me.
Anyway, sat on train with an empty seat beside me. Obligatory ntter gets on and everyone relaxes knowing he is going to sit by me. Of course he does. Gibbering and wheezing.
Feeling panicky, I try to think of how I can stop him talking to me and remember my trusty walkman. If I slip that on then he can't talk to me as I can't hear him. Damn the batteries have gone...o never mind he won't know and I am off the hook of having to igore the clearly mentally ill person sat next to me farting.
I wrestle it out of my bag and for 15 mins or so feign music, by gently tapping foot and/nodding head to imaginery Cure songs.
I notice after a while that people are givine ME the nutter avoidance look...including the nutter. How odd I think and persevere with my imaginery music-fest. (I have moved onto Smiths now)
When I stand to exit the train, I realise why everyone is avoiding my face and generally looking worried. The lead/jack to my headphones is lying on the floor and I have been tapping my foot etc for 15 mins...
(, Mon 13 Nov 2006, 11:41, Reply)

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