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This is a question Going Too Far

Ever had one of your mates go too far? Back when I was a teenager I went to stay with a friend in the country. We took his dog for a walk in some woods - which was fun.

We came across a breeding pen for the local pheasant shoot - which was interesting.

But then my friend broke into the cages, grabbed a pheasant, strangled it and proceeded to throw it around, only managing to rescue it from his dog's jaws seconds before a gamekeeper turned up to see what the hell was going on. Now, that was a bit too far...

(, Fri 10 Nov 2006, 14:11)
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A big show of hands
One guy at Uni had the temerity to disagree with me when we were drunk, can you imagine?

When he was passed out, I crept into his room, glued the palms of his hands together and then glued the door of his room shut as I left.

I hear it took them about 3 hours to get him out the next day, red faced and tearful. Luckily, I'd had loads of Newcastle Brown so slept though with an untroubled conscience.
(, Tue 14 Nov 2006, 11:49, Reply)

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